What is the Resume Library?


With the Resume Library, you can search resumes at no cost, and then when you want to download the resumes you’ve found, you can easily create an account with Resume-Library. 

Generally speaking, when a new client that does not yet hold a Resume-Library search package tries to unlock a candidate in that section, they will be presented with a form to fill that triggers the sign-up and purchase process.  The ability to unlock candidates for a month is $199 per user, once they have this in place they can simply 'Unlock' contact details within Haley (capped at 300 unlocks over 30 days).

The resumes are sourced from a company called Resume Library. They have their own resume database and aggregate resumes from hundreds of job boards and career sites, giving you access to search millions of candidates with Resume Search.  It is not connected to ZipRecruiter and is not related to people who have applied across our clients' sites.

If you go to resume-library.com you can set up a demo with them that walks you through everything.

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