My Avionte BOLD jobs aren't showing on my Haley Marketing Job Board, why?


If you have the Haley Marketing job board with an Avionte BOLD integration, and you don't see your job/s posted, it could be a few things:

  1. Haley Marketing pulls jobs from your feed hourly - if you posted your job, you may not see it live for up to one hour.
  2. Have you marked the job to be posted in Avionte BOLD? See here for instructions: - If you have questions about the Avionte BOLD posting process, please contact Avionte Support.
  3. Do you have an integration with multiple builds feeding from Avionte BOLD to Haley Marketing? If so, and you've added a new build, please contact to provide us with your OPEN API KEY - this is a key you will get from your Avionte Product Team, and is not the same as the Web Apply Key.

Please do reach out to Haley Marketing's Success team if you have further questions.

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