How to Edit Buttons - Elementor


Editing buttons on your site is simple, fast and fun with Elementor! 

Here's how:

1) In WordPress, choose the page you would like to edit

2) Click Edit with Elementor

3) Click on the button you wish to edit

4) On the left control panel under Content, you will see an area to edit the text within the button (underlined below in blue) and an area to change where this button links to (circled below in red)




5) If you would like to change the text within the button, simply enter the desired text in this field and click Update in the bottom right of the control panel.

6) If you would like to change where this button links to, click within the box area under Link


7) Click on the area under Search & Select, begin typing the page you would like this button to link to 

8) As you begin typing, page options appear. As an example, I search 'employee'. If I wanted this button to link to the Employee Review page, I would select that option, then click Update to save this change



9) If you want to link this button to a unique link, then click on the small 'x' under Search & Select

10) Enter the desired link, click Update 


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