2020 Haley Marketing Release Notes - v4


Release 4.3.19

In this release - Recruitment Marketing - Enhancements!

In the past year, our recruitment marketing team has done some amazing work to help our clients better manage their job advertising. We’ve helped clients reduce their cost per apply by as much as 50% and increase the percentage of jobs receiving applications from 18% to 92% — all without increasing their advertising spend! Our efforts, combined with leading edge programmatic job software, takes away the pain points from your team while giving them more time to talk to the candidates who want to work for you!

Reach out to our Success team at success@haleymarketing.com - we'll connect you with the experts on our Recruitment Marketing team - they're ready to share strategies and tactics to get more out of your current recruitment budget!

Job Boards

  • Job Board Mini-Search Widget Compliance - ARIA (Accessible Rich Internet Applications) attribute added for screen readers on search widget fields - you can't see them, but they're there!
  • Manage Categories and Social Sharing Images - Custom sharing images are supported for top level categories. Although, we do have an option for clients to enable subcategories, subcategories are for searching purposes only. We fixed a display issue that implied you could configure unsupported social sharing images for subcats; hopefully, this eliminates confusion. Are you using custom sharing images on your categories? Go here to see how to set these up!
  • Apply With Indeed and Candidate Sources - Clients who have Apply With Indeed enabled were noticing that when people came from places other than Indeed, and used Apply With Indeed, the referral source was incorrectly defaulting Indeed as the source. We've fixed it so the proper source gets attributed to the candidate, regardless of application method. Find out how to enable Apply With Indeed.
  • Bullhorn Integration and Indeed Candidate Sources Bug - Even though myHaley was displaying Indeed as the source when someone comes from Indeed, we weren't passing that to Bullhorn. Problem solved!
  • Job Diva Integration and Candidate Source Enhancement - We had previously added the function of passing a source to Job Diva - but when the source was default, we weren't sending anything - now we're sending the default source of job board.
  • eRecruit Integration and Long Application Data - If an eRecruit-integrated client has the Haley Marketing Long Application enabled, the data should pass into the candidate record in eRecruit. We noticed it wasn't, so we fixed it right up!
  • Job Posting Default Sort Order Bug - For some of our clients who use an integration that doesn't give us a job post date, we can use the date we created it as the post date. The problem was that our order by date wasn't seeing the dates - it it now!
  • Aggregator Feeds Update - Added a new node which includes the link directly to a job's apply page, as opposed to details. Now there are both to choose from.

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