2020 Haley Marketing Release Notes - HMGAdmin v4, HML v2 & NetSocial v1 (Updated 12/16/2020)


NetSocial Release v1.2.1 (12/16/2020)

NetSocial Bugfixes

  • Notify button crash on Manage All page fixed
  • Create a Channel crash fixed in Get Started tour
  • Skip All, Approve All button display fix on Pending Posts page for non-Admins
  • Schedule crash on pending posts page for Admins
  • Failed short-link replacement in posts
  • Increased modal sizes in desktop calendar view to prevent post item cut-off

HMGAdmin Release 4.3.22 (8/26/2020)

Job Board Updates

Bullhorn job board integration – were your jobs disappearing? Sometimes when we make a call to get your jobs via Bullhorn’s API, the API doesn’t answer – our system was interpreting that as no jobs and updating the job board to remove them. We added better error-handling, so if this happens in the future, all jobs will remain posted and then get updated at the next call.

Support for special characters in API passwords from Bullhorn: Our system was hiccuping when Bullhorn provided really great, secure passwords with all sorts of special funky characters – we’re now accepting the funky characters as they are!

Zenople: Added support to the job board for another new integration – Zenople! Do you use Zenople and would like to integrate with the Haley job board? Contact us today!

Don’t Miss Out: That button on your job board wasn’t always displaying nicely when the job board was set up – we updated it, so now it will.

HML v2.0.0 Release (8/26/2020)

New feature alert for scheduling newsletters! Want to give your newsletter recipients another reminder if they didn’t open your newsletter email? HaleyMail newsletter clients can now schedule a repeat of the newsletter mailing to those who do not open it the first time.

Set a Featured Image on a newsletter for sharing: Sharing newsletters is now even better – When setting up, our team can now upload a featured image that will display when shared on social media sites.

Better search engine optimization for HaleyMail newsletters and articles: Meta descriptions are now being set for all newsletters and articles to improve SEO.

Newsletter Archive page fix: All new newsletter thumbnails on the archive page will no longer display a broken image. Going forward, the thumbnail will simply have an empty space instead of a broken logo. The logo displays as usual on the actual newsletter.

Easier email editing tool for newsletters: HaleyMail is now using Stripo – a block-based HTML editor – to make editing new HTML emails a breeze!

HMGAdmin Release 4.3.21 (6/23/2020)

Job Boards

  • Bullhorn candidate records missing? We had a couple clients report candidate records not being created in Bullhorn. We found that the issue was caused by candidates using tables in Word resumes. We were able to make some changes to make sure these resumes don't cause the candidate record creation to fail.
  • Confusion with resume updates being displayed as applications - After a recent change, registered candidates updating a resume on file was creating a line item under Application Reports in myHaley, which was really confusing, because updating a resume shouldn't create a new application. And it was displaying an invalid job category to boot. Now, application reports just show actual applications! Looking for Application Reports? Login to myHaley and find them under each posting, or a full list at Job Boards > Application Reports. (Only available for clients using the built-in Haley job board application.)
  • Do you want to use really long job category names? If so, these long category names will now break to a second line if they're too long to fit in the sidebar on search results and will stop creeping over into the search results.
  • Application report showing incorrect sources - When a candidate first applied via Indeed, we were setting the source on the candidate in our Lists area in myHaley correctly, but not on the Applications Report, nor in the application notification email. This has been resolved. Here's a little info about sources in myHaley.
  • Change to XML feeds of jobs coming out of your Haley Marketing job board - Using a custom field on your job board? Now all custom fields are included in all XML feeds, whether displayed on your job board or not - they're in your own feed, feeds to aggregators like Indeed, ZipRecruiter, and all the rest! Can't find your XML feed on the job board dashboard? Contact Success so we can enable it for you!

    Not sure what an XML does? It is a feed of all your jobs data – so if you post to an aggregate job board other than the ones we post to, some will be able to use an XML feed to pull in your jobs data and post to their platforms.

    And don't forget to append a source to your XML feed URL before providing to your external board vendor, so you can track apps in myHaley!
  • Recruter pour des emplois en France? We added France and its regions to the job posting screen! Prendre plaisir! (Enjoy!)
  • Using a parent with child job boards? We resolved an issue that was duplicating exact category names on the parent job board when they were coming from jobs on separate child boards.

Cross-product Updates

  • Displaying category ID numbers in myHaley - Sometimes it is useful to know the ID if you or your developer wants to display a filtered feed of jobs, and talent to different places on your website. But it used to be a pain to find the IDs! Good news, we've exposed the IDs for our Haley Marketing Team Bios plugin for divisions and categories, for the Job Board for job categories, and for the Talent Showcase for talent categories. Not displaying this anywhere on your website? Find out how by contacting our Success team!
  • SameSite errors on Haley Products - As a result of some changes from Google, we updated the SAS cookie on our products to remove errors that may display in the future. We're ready for you, Google!

Release (hotfix release) (4/14/2020)

Job Boards

  • New Feature - Remote Work Options - Based on recommendations from aggregate jobs sites like Indeed, we updated our Remote Friendly feature to simplify the process of filtering jobs that allow various levels of remote work. The options are now standard and include "Fully Remote", "Work from home flexibility" and "Temporarily remote due to COVID-19" options. Find out more here. Bullhorn integration instructions here. Have questions? contact success@haleymarketing.com.
  • Resolved issue with LinkedIn apply on job boards.
  • Keyword searching was wonky when using multiple keywords, so we revisited and refined the process for candidate keyword searches to improve results.

Release 4.3.20 (2/27/2020)

Job Boards

  • Quick Applies and Job Board Applies without a job attached - Where do you go to see these? Yesterday, you couldn't see them. Today, you can! Go to myHaley, and under Job Boards, click Applications. You'll see a new application method, jb-apply-quick, which would be noted on applications that were submitted through "Skip the Search" - and applications without jobs attached are displayed - you can identify those by the application method and "None Selected" in the job ID column.
  • CCPA Enhancements - Several releases ago, we implemented some features on the job board related to GDPR Data Privacy and Compliance. We have added more for the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), that may be used in combination with GDPR settings. New features include the ability to add text and a privacy link to applications, referral and signup forms on the job board. Please note, the client needs to provide the language and either add a new privacy policy or update the current one on their website if advised by legal counsel to do so. To find out how to implement these features on your job board, please reach out to the Success team.
  • Post Qualifications - A little while ago, we added a new feature where you can set a post qualification question to display after a job board application is submitted. The notification is separate from the application, and was supposed to route to the recruiter. It wasn't, but it is now! Want to know how to set up a post qualification question? Read more here.
  • Pre and Post Qualification Settings - We fixed a bug that wasn't saving clients' settings when enabling pre and post qual forms in myHaley. We also cleared up some confusing form labels to make filling out forms easier.
  • XML Bug Fix - Resolved issue in XML job feeds coming out of job boards going to aggregators where links were not http when they should have been.
  • Enhanced AppCast XML feed to support Apply With Indeed - Want more information about AppCast? Contact our Success team to get hooked up with a recruitment marketing expert at Haley Marketing! 


  • Resolved a bug which was causing multiple clicks by recipients of newsletters to display as separate deliveries in the contacts section of myHaley.

Release 4.3.19 (1/27/2020)

In this release - Recruitment Marketing - Enhancements!

In the past year, our recruitment marketing team has done some amazing work to help our clients better manage their job advertising. We’ve helped clients reduce their cost per apply by as much as 50% and increase the percentage of jobs receiving applications from 18% to 92% — all without increasing their advertising spend! Our efforts, combined with leading edge programmatic job software, takes away the pain points from your team while giving them more time to talk to the candidates who want to work for you!

Reach out to our Success team at success@haleymarketing.com - we'll connect you with the experts on our Recruitment Marketing team - they're ready to share strategies and tactics to get more out of your current recruitment budget!

Job Boards

  • Job Board Mini-Search Widget Compliance - ARIA (Accessible Rich Internet Applications) attribute added for screen readers on search widget fields - you can't see them, but they're there!
  • Manage Categories and Social Sharing Images - Custom sharing images are supported for top level categories. Although, we do have an option for clients to enable subcategories, subcategories are for searching purposes only. We fixed a display issue that implied you could configure unsupported social sharing images for subcats; hopefully, this eliminates confusion. Are you using custom sharing images on your categories? Go here to see how to set these up!
  • Apply With Indeed and Candidate Sources - Clients who have Apply With Indeed enabled were noticing that when people came from places other than Indeed, and used Apply With Indeed, the referral source was incorrectly defaulting Indeed as the source. We've fixed it so the proper source gets attributed to the candidate, regardless of application method. Find out how to enable Apply With Indeed.
  • Bullhorn Integration and Indeed Candidate Sources Bug - Even though myHaley was displaying Indeed as the source when someone comes from Indeed, we weren't passing that to Bullhorn. Problem solved!
  • Job Diva Integration and Candidate Source Enhancement - We had previously added the function of passing a source to Job Diva - but when the source was default, we weren't sending anything - now we're sending the default source of job board.
  • eRecruit Integration and Long Application Data - If an eRecruit-integrated client has the Haley Marketing Long Application enabled, the data should pass into the candidate record in eRecruit. We noticed it wasn't, so we fixed it right up!
  • Job Posting Default Sort Order Bug - For some of our clients who use an integration that doesn't give us a job post date, we can use the date we created it as the post date. The problem was that our order by date wasn't seeing the dates - it it now!
  • Aggregator Feeds Update - Added a new node which includes the link directly to a job's apply page, as opposed to details. Now there are both to choose from.

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