Using the Remote Friendly Tag with Bullhorn Integration


If you'd like to tag jobs that are remote friendly, there are a couple steps you need to take:

  1. In Bullhorn, use a custom text field to create a new custom field on your job order form as follows:
    • Name the field "Allows Remote Work?"
    • Use the "Radio" edit type
    • Value List: 0,1
    • Display List: No,Yes
    • Default Value: 0
  2. Set a job to Remote = Yes and then provide the Haley Marketing Success Team with job ID for the remote job and the custom field name set up in #1 (example: 'customText16').
  3. Enable the Remote Friendly tag in myHaley by logging into myHaley and going to Job Boards>Settings>Searching and check "Display "Remote Friendly" Filter?" option.
  4. In that same section of myHaley, you can customize the label that appears on the jobs - the default is "Remote Friendly".
  5. The next time the jobs are pulled (hourly), the remote tag will appear.

Bullhorn field setup:



myHaley Setup:


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