2019 Haley Marketing Release Notes - v4 (updated 11/14/2019)


Release 4.3.18 (11/14/19)

Job Boards/Talent Showcase

  • WCAG 2.1 and Section 508 Compliance - Addressed accessibility issues relating to the front end of the Haley Marketing Group Job Board, Talent Showcase and HaleyMail products. This release includes changes to our products to allow us to adhere more closely to accessibility requirements as set forth in WCAG 2.1 and Section 508. This doesn't include any functionality changes, but there may be subtle changes in the appearance of some of the features (specifically drop downs/font size/spacing). Please note, there is potential for some isolated issues related to branding/styles for some job boards, so please contact the Success Team if your job board needs attention. Accessibility of the product requires that the website branding is also accessible - please contact Success to find out more about accessible website design.

Haley Marketing HMG WPTools Plugin Suite

  • Do you use Haley Marketing Group's Reputation Management service and our Team Bios Plugin on your website to display your team? Now they can work together to display testimonials for team members! Contact Success to get more information about reputation management and team bios today!

Release 4.3.17 (9/23/19)

Job Boards

  • New Feature! Post Qualification Questions: Want to get a little more information from your applicants? You can now set up questions to be loaded after the applicant clicks "Submit" on the Haley Marketing application (not supported if you're using a third party application). For clients with job boards integrated with Bullhorn, APIHealthcare, and eRecruit, this post qualification data will be added to the candidate record as a note. Here's more information about setting up postqual questions.
  • Candidate Password Reset Issues after changing integration to Bullhorn: ATSs come and go based on your needs at any given time, we know! So if you move to Bullhorn, your existing candidates can still login to your job board - we fixed a bug relating to passwords that prevented candidates from resetting theirs after a client moved to a new Bullhorn-integrated Haley job board. They can now either use the magic login or reset their password to login with no issues!

HMG WPTOOLS WordPress Plugin Suite


  • Uploading Excel files as lists giving you issues? You're supposed to be able to upload a list as an Excel (.xlsx) or CSV (.csv) file - but when you used .xlsx, the list format was being set to dynamic - which caused some problems. This issue is fixed! If you're wondering what HaleyMail even is, read more here!

Release 4.3.16 (7/16/19)

Job Boards

  • Job Board Dashboard Improvements: You asked, we answered! One of our wonderful clients suggested that we include an option to view ALL jobs, in addition to the existing filters. We also standardized the reporting timeframe options to be clearer and more in line with other reporting throughout myHaley.
  • XML feed enhancements: We had some clients and vendors looking for additional data fields in the XML feeds they're using - so we added all custom fields to all versions of our XML feeds. Contact us if you or your vendor have questions about using this new feature.
  • Google Jobs additional schema markup added: Using the Remote Friendly tag on your job board? If so, we're now including applicantLocationRequirements for Google Jobs. More information about remote friendly tag here.
  • Candidates viewing, but not signing up or applying? Don't lose the lurkers - We'll give them one last chance with an optional "pop-up" encouraging them to sign up. Turn it on via myHaley>Settings>General. 4.1 General Settings
  • Signup Notifications: We were sending an empty source field in the notifications the job board owner gets when someone creates an account on the job board - this has been resolved! Update your settings to get these - or stop getting them - here: 4.3 Notification Settings
  • Apply Later button not working? We had a bug related to Apply with Monster which was messing with the functionality of the button. Fixed! Don't have Apply with Monster on your job board? Contact success@haleymarketing.com or submit a ticket to find out how to get it!
  • Candidate notifications not displaying the correct copyright year: If you were seeing code instead of a copyright year in the footer of some of the notifications coming from your job board, you'll see the current year starting now!
  • Different XML link in two places: So how do you know which one to use? Well, they're both the same now! View your XML feed on your job board's dashboard in myHaley, or view it via myHaley>Job Boards>Settings>General. Don't see it? Contact Success to activate it. XML feeds can be shared with external job boards that request XML feeds to display your jobs.
  • Candidates who use magic links to sign in were not actually getting signed in: This issue affected only those clients who use the GDPR cookie message on their websites with the job board. Good news - it is resolved!

Release 4.3.15 (5/23/19)

Job Boards

  • Recruiter Bios Enhancement for mobile: When you have a phone number set up in a recruiter's profile, it will now be a clickable link on mobile when displayed in the Recruiter Bio section of your jobs. Not using Bios on your jobs? Find out if you can, and how, here!
  • Application Exports: Got a lot of applicants, and having trouble running reports from the Applications screen in myHaley? We made some adjustments to how the report loads to make these work better! Don't know what I am talking about? Find out how to run an application report from myHaley now!
  • Job Board's Results page changes: This one is tough to explain, so hang in there with me - On your list of jobs, some of our clients' job boards had an issue where the sidebar hover content on a job didn't anchor to the top of the page - you lost it when scrolling down the page - we made some adjustments, and it's sticky and anchored and stays visible!
  • JobDiva-integrated clients: We worked with JobDiva to append our job board referral source to your JobDiva application URL. That means you'll see the candidates' referral sources populated in JobDiva. Interested in sending jobs to an aggregator or new jobs site or social media page and want to track referral source? Find out more here!
  • Talent Rover-integrated clients: We worked with Bullhorn to also send a referral source - although this is going to work differently for each client due to your individual setup. To find out how to use the source we're now sending you, you can contact your Bullhorn/Talent Rover support team.
  • Neuvoo: We made some changes to the feed to Neuvoo for clients using third party applications, so everyone coming from Neuvoo's site will be sent back to your job board so they can fill out your third party application - Neuvoo has some work to do to support it, but it should be coming soon!
  • ZipRecruiter Apply With Zip resume attachments bug: If you happened to have more than one candidate "Apply with Zip" within the same minute to the same job (a somewhat rare occurrence, but it happens), we sent you the first applicant's resume for all applicants. As of this release, everyone's resume will be their own!
  • eEmpACT enTAKE troubleshooting: We made improvements to our process to make troubleshooting missing enTAKE applications easier!


  • eBook Lead Reports: If you've had issues viewing your eBook Lead Reports in the past, we've made some changes so they're easier to find! Ask your Haley Marketing Marketing Adviser for details!

Release 4.3.14 (4/3/19)

Job Boards
  • New Adzuna Sponsor Flag: Our Adzuna master feed now supports sending a sponsored flag for our clients who manually post jobs, and for clients who have the ability to include a sponsored tag via their ATS. Clients with Adzuna accounts can enable this feature in Syndication Settings in myHaley. Give our Success team a shout if you'd like more information.
  • Enhancement Alert! New Branch Node Available in the Haley Master Indeed Feed: Added functionality to pass a branch value with each job to Indeed via our master Indeed feed. Indeed can use this data to set up branch specific campaigns. Reach out to our Success team if you have questions about using this feature.
  • Google+ Shutdown: We removed G+ share buttons from the job board, myHaley posting screens, saved search emails, and category mailings as a result of Google phasing out G+.
  • Job Board and Indeed Conversion Tracking: Corrected an issue that may have caused mixed content errors when Indeed conversion tracking was enabled on the job board application thank you page.
  • Apply With Indeed and Candidate Referral Source: Fixed bug where candidate referral source was incorrectly being attributed to Indeed for all candidates using the Apply With Indeed method to apply, even if the source was not Indeed.
  • Wonky Upload Button Display on Skip The Search Form: Fixed a display issue on our Skip the Search form, where the upload buttons were appearing with no padding.
Talent Showcase
  • Advanced Search Display Bug: When clients set their Talent Showcase's Advanced Search to display expanded by default, it wasn't happening. Now it is!
  • Meta Title Issue: Resolved issue where meta title was being set to a variable label instead of the company name.
  • Great Ideas Resource Center Change: We inadvertently added a contact form to the footer of Great Ideas Resource Centers during a past release - it was not intended to be there, so it has been removed.
  • What happened to 2019? Trying to run a newsletter mailing summary report and don't see dates for 2019? Oops - fixed!

Release 4.3.13 (1/23/2019)

Happy 2019 from Haley Marketing Group!

Welcome to another great year of updates, improvements, new products, and more!

Job Board Updates

  • Resume Library integration in myHaley - Do you have the Haley Marketing job board? If so, new feature alert - we've partnered with Resume Library to provide easy access to a huge database of resumes. Start your search from within myHaley>Job Boards>Resume Library for pricing and more info!
  • Want to customize your application notification with variable data like candidate name, position applied for, recruiter name, and more? We've updated the Application Confirmation Text field to an easier to WYSIWIG editor and provide the variables right on the same page! This is not the welcome message on signup, it is the optional APPLICATION confirmation email.
  • Neuvoo Job Aggregator Improvements - Always adding new and improving job aggregator feeds to make your jobs look great!
  • Recruitics - for clients who use a third party application, your Recruitics apps from Haley weren't tracking correctly - we're now reporting an apply when someone clicks apply.
  • Category Routing Fix and ZipRecruiter - Jobs going to ZipRecruiter didn't obey our newer feature that allows you to send application notifications to someone other than the recruiter assigned to the job.
  • More application reporting timeframes - Q1-4 this year, or Q1-4 last year are now available!
  • Upload resume on Haley applications - some rearranging to make the upload feature easier to see!
  • COATS clients - removed "(Perm)" from Direct-Hire label for legal reasons in CA. Gotta stay on the up and up!
  • Google Jobs - Google started out with lots of fields they planned to use - so we showed them on the job posting screen - confused a BUNCH of you all! We've refined this area down to the ones currently supported by Google.

Talent Showcase

  • We now support hiding a Talent Showcase behind an individual password - contact our Success team to find out more.


  • Resolved some https/http bugs on HaleyMail articles.

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