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Haley Marketing has partnered with three companies that offer chat services – each with different capabilities.
Option 1: ChatPath
This is the most basic chat service, where you create scripts that visitors to your website will follow. The scripts are basically questions with guided responses like “How can we help you? (I’m looking for work / I’m looking to hire)”  

This is actually the chat solution we use on our website.  ChatPath’s strength is that it’s easy to setup and relatively low cost. The downside is that there is no AI, so if a visitor asks a question that’s outside of the script, the question doesn’t get answered. For this reason, we specifically identify our chat avatar as an automated assistant.

Option 2: Olivia by
This is a much more sophisticated chat solution designed to have simple conversations with your candidates, and the biggest benefit is that it is designed to automatically schedule people to come in for interviews. You can see an example of Olivia in action on one of our client websites here:  
Option 3: FlashRecruit
If you’re looking to drive more candidates to your jobs…and get more engagement from those candidates, this may be your best option. Unlike the two “bot” based solutions, FlashRecruit tries to connect a job seeker with the appropriate live recruiter in your office. It allows the candidate to have a real conversation with the person who owns the job he/her is interested in. Now, if your recruiter is not available, FlashRecruit does offer a bot based backup, so the candidate never goes without a response.
One of the best things about FlashRecruit is that they have their own job promotion network, and they will drive candidates to your jobs using SEO, Google for Jobs and paid advertising. While their monthly fee is higher than the other bots, this is the only solution that actually generates inbound candidate traffic. For two of our clients, their monthly investment is yielding hundreds of job chats each month and a cost per “applicant” lower than from the job boards.  You can see FlashRecruit in action by visiting then select any job and click on Chat with a Recruiter.
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