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Job Advertising: Boost versus Sponsor

Boosting and Sponsoring jobs are two different techniques you can use to promote your jobs on various job boards and career websites to attract candidates.

This FAQ explains the differences between these two job advertising methods.

What Does Boost Do?

With the click of a button in your myHaley account, Boost will promote your job to a network of 50 to 100 job boards and career websites. A Boost is a fixed fee purchase to promote one specific job. Behind the scenes, Boost uses programmatic advertising to determine the best websites for your job post.

What Does Sponsoring a Job Do?

Sponsoring a job allows you to pay for preferred placement on specific job boards like Indeed, and Neuvoo. With Sponsoring, you pay on a cost-per-click bidding method. You choose which jobs you want to sponsor, set a target cost-per-click (CPC), and then work with the third-party job board to set and manage your total monthly spend.

So, Boosting Is for One Job and Sponsoring Is for Multiple Jobs?

On the surface, yes. Boost is always for one job at a time. With Sponsoring, you can sponsor just one job, but that’s not recommended.

Why Would I Want to Boost Only One Job?

  • If you have an urgent need for candidates and want to promote your job ASAP.
    Boost is the fastest way to promote your job on multiple websites.
  • If you have a hard-to-fill job where you need a wider distribution to attract talent.
    By using a Boost, the job will go to dozens of websites automatically, instead of a recruiter having to manually post the job on all of these sites.
  • If you have to fill multiple openings for the same job.
    Boost allows you to attract candidates from a wider variety of job boards and career sites, which will help you to pull talent from different places.

Why Is It Important to Share Your Job on Multiple Networks?

With job advertising, you should not rely on one source for your traffic. While one source could be really productive, job seekers typically check between 5 and 20 job sites during their job search. Having your jobs in as many places as possible increases the probability that active job seekers will find your jobs.

Why Would I Want to Sponsor Multiple Jobs?

Again, we have a bunch of reasons to answer this question!

  • If you have a monthly or annual contract with a specific job board.
    By Sponsoring your jobs in myHaley, you can easily send jobs to that job board or aggregator.
  • If you have multiple jobs that need to be filled quickly.
    By sponsoring the jobs, you can get high visibility for these jobs in the competitive job market.

Which Job Boards Can I Sponsor a Job On?

Currently, you can use myHaley to Sponsor your jobs on Indeed, Careerjet, Simplyhired and Upward.Net. But stay tuned, we are adding more partners all the time!

But Wait, Didn’t You Say It’s Better NOT to Be on One Network?

There isn’t a hard-and-fast rule. Some staffing agencies get GREAT results from one network and should continue to use that source. Other staffing agencies will benefit from spreading their jobs throughout multiple websites to reach a wider audience.

The best answer comes from looking at your data and making the best decision based on your business goals, budget and applicant quality.

Can you guarantee the quantity or quality of applicants?

Unfortunately, no. As your job board provider, our role is to get your jobs to the advertising sites and help control how they manage your money. We’re trying to help you get the best ROI for your recruitment advertising dollar, but we do not have any control over when and where your jobs appear on the job boards or other career websites, and we have no way to guarantee how many candidates you will get from a specific Boost or Sponsoring your jobs.

Our recommendation is always to test new methods of job advertising with a small budget, monitor your results, and then reinvest based on what’s working.

How do we see results?

Results will appear in your dashboard on myHaley.

  • To determine which applications from your sponsored jobs, look at the source field in the applications report in myHaley. For example, if you are sponsoring a job from Indeed, the source will say “Indeed.”
  • To determine which applications came from the Reach boost, look for applications marked with the source field "RecruiticsReach."

How Do I Get Started?

  • To Boost a Job – click the “Signup for REACH” button and our Client Success Team will walk you through the process of purchasing credits and boosting your first job.
  • To Sponsor a Job – there are a couple of options here, but step one is to contact our Client Success Team.

    If you already HAVE a contract with a job board, let our Client Success Team know. We will activate the appropriate sponsor button and also can connect you with a member of our team who can talk about managing your recruitment spend.

    If you DO NOT HAVE a contract with a job board, also let our Client Success Team know! We will be happy to connect you with a member of our team who can talk further about Job Spend Management and delivering the best results for your Recruitment Spend.
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