Improving Email Deliverability for HaleyMail and Blogging Newsletters and Job Board Candidates Notifications


Enabling DKIM

Recently, Google and other email providers have started implementing stricter regulations on emails sent from third parties. To ensure that emails are getting to the right person, and to ensure that nobody is impersonating a sender’s email, they have become more stringent about requiring DKIM records, an email authorization tool which will help improve email deliverability.

What is DKIM

DKIM stands for Domain Keys Identified Mail. It serves as an email authentication method that detects email spoofing (think of email forgery when it comes to phishing and spam), and ensures that a sender’s message will get to the appropriate recipient. Adding DKIM records to your DNS (Domain Name System) will essentially allow your company to take responsibility for an email message, adding another way to tell the recipient that “Yes, this really is me who sent this email.” Without DKIM, it is possible that your emails could end up in someone’s spam folders, or blocked before they get a chance to see them at all.

Why It’s Important for Haley Marketing Clients

If you are a Haley Marketing Group client, and use products like HaleyMail or our job board, we recommend setting up DKIM records. Using HaleyMail services as an example, with each mailing, we send varying quantities of email to your clients and candidates. Because we send these on behalf of our clients, we want to make sure you take the necessary action to authorize Haley Marketing Group as a third party mailer in the eyes of Google and other email providers, thus mitigating deliverability issues. Otherwise, Google and other email providers think that the sender (your company) is not who you say you are when Haley Marketing send these emails… and they could be filtered into junk, or blocked altogether. If you want to ensure that your emails are getting to the right people, setting up DKIM records is a great idea!

How We Set You Up With DKIM

If you would like to set up DKIM records, which we strongly suggest you do, please contact our Client Success team through Help Me Haley or by sending an email to Once we know you are interested in adding DKIM, we can send you detailed instructions on how to make the necessary CNAME changes to your DNS.

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