What's the difference between the Additional Info field and the Job Posting Footer Text field?


Both of these features will allow you to place standard text at the bottom of all jobs. But there are differences with how they work.

Settings>Editing>Default text for the Additional Information text area on all new jobs. Entering content into this field will pre-populate the Additional Information field for all NEW jobs posted. This field can be plain text, or you may enter HTML code to allow for text formatting and insertion of images or links.

Additional info is populated on the jobs when they're posted. If you remove the default Additional Info, it will no longer post on new jobs, but it will remain on existing jobs.

Settings>Branding>Job Posting Footer Text - Message to display in the footer are for every job. WYSIWIG editor is available for this option, whereas the Add'l Info field above, you need to enter the raw HTML.
When you add the Job Posting Footer Text, it will be on all jobs. When you change or remove it, it will change or be removed from all jobs, as it is part of the base template and not attached to an individual job.
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