Haley Marketing Release Notes - v4 (updated 12/10/2018)


Release 4.3.12 (12/10/2018)

Job Board Updates

  • Where do your jobs go from the Haley job board? Great question! Login to myHaley and go to Job Boards > Settings > Syndication to find out! In this release, we've streamlined and simplified this interface so you can get info at a glance. Green means GO! Click on an individual feed to dig deeper and enable or disable the feed and to see the last pickup time.
  • For our clients who use the Referral Management System add-on for the job board: More display enhancements this release! If you don't know what the Referral Management System is, contact our Success team at success@haleymarketing.com to learn more!

Release 4.3.11 (11/27/2018)

General Fixes/Improvements

Job Board Updates

  • eEmpACT-integrated Clients: Some recent changes to the sign up process caused some problems for our eEmpACT enTake form users who were using the "Login Required" option to prevent duplicate applications in eApprovals. We refined this process and candidates should be able to apply as expected. We'll reach out to those who had this previously enabled - if you're an eEmpACT client and want to find out how this can help, please contact our Success team (success@haleymarketing.com or Create Ticket from our Help Center)!
  • Save Performance Settings - When viewing performance in the Job Board ROI section, changing settings worked, but when saved, weren't saving. Made no sense! Now they are.
  • Got a candidate who like to double, triple (or octuple) click on the submit button, causing multiple applications? We've made some changes to prevent multiple application submissions, even from those incessant clickers.
  • Disabled Category Mailings Issue - Even though mailings were set as disabled, if a day is scheduled, it still went out. Resolved!
  • If you've never set up a job board default owner in myHaley, it was causing some issues with job aggregators and getting applications - now it won't.
  • GDPR acceptance on apply/signup - New option to add a question to the built-in application to comply with GDPR - rather than passive approval, candidates must check a box while signing up and applying to confirm their understanding of how their information will be used by your company. Contact Success for more info!
  • Asking for permission is polite - and the right thing to do - but didn't make much sense when clients don't use the job board's sign up and mailing functionality. So we won't ask for permission to mail or text from your candidates if you have sign up options hidden.
    But then again, why are you hiding the sign up feature?
    It is a great way to build a permission-based contact list, and allows your candidates to save searches and receive category mailings! Don't miss out on this low-effort, highly effective way to nurture your candidate database. To re-enable sign ups, contact our Success Team at success@haleymarketing.com.
  • Country Issues - We normalize all the countries we support by converting them into the
    2-digit abbreviation - But if you'd prefer to just display the country name, you will now have an option to display them in search as the full name to make it easier to search.
    We also now support the country variable in social sharing metadata. Find out more here: https://helpme.haleymarketing.com/hc/en-us/articles/209520946-4-9-Social-Sharing-Settings and here: https://helpme.haleymarketing.com/hc/en-us/articles/210978426-3-7-Talent-Showcase-Social-Sharing
  • When posting jobs with metacharacters, like m-dashes, in the title of the job, these characters were causing some ugliness in the job title and job posting URLs. This is fixed.
  • For our clients who use the Referral Management System add-on for the job board: An issue with referral not displaying when trying to search is resolved - If you don't know what the Referral Management System is, contact our Success team at success@haleymarketing.com to learn more!
  • Improvements to the geolocate function on job board search.
  • Added new login option - Login with Git. Don't know Git?  Your tech hires will....

Talent Showcase Updates

  • Location search issue on Talent Showcase - We did a rewrite of the searching for Talent Showcase and Job Boards to destroy some persistent bugs when searching by location.

HaleyMail Updates

  • Enhanced social login/opt-in on Resource Centers - Social logins are now available on Resource Centers Opt In and Login screens. Don't see any options? Contact Success to get them turned on for you!
  • eBook download leads - View a list of everyone who has downloaded an eBook sent in your monthly newsletters. Go to myhaley > Reports > HML Reports to view and download the list! Then use that list to follow up! Speak with your Marketing Adviser for ideas!

Release 4.3.10 (9/24/2018)

You didn't like some of the changes in our last release, so we made them better. Thank you for your feedback and patience!

Job Board Updates

  • The Apply Button wasn't working... well, it is was, but it wasn't really obvious when the alternative apply options weren't also enabled. So, for our clients with 3rd-party integrations or only one type of apply option, there is just a single Apply Online button. For those who have multiple options, the drawer opens up and the candidate can choose from all the alternatives.
  • Not only that, but at the bottom of the job description page, we now provide all the options for applying without sending the candidate back to the top of the page. These two options make applying for a job even simpler for your candidates, and in today's job market, every application counts!
  • Candidate Password Reset now keeps the candidate logged in, making the experience much easier and faster to update profiles, apply, manage alerts, etc.
  • "But I only need last week's applications, not all of them again." - No problem, you can download a 7-day application report and spend a lot less time in Excel.
  • Need phone numbers on sign up?  No worries! We added the option in to collect phone numbers and permission to text. If that phone number is required on the application, we make it required on sign up for you.
  • When is an "&" really just supposed to be an "&"?  When it's included in the job board XML feed URL in front of the rid parameter. Whoops - that might have impacted job board source reporting, but it's fixed now.
  • We saw a potential issue with sponsoring jobs not being marked properly in our feeds to Indeed. We all know that Indeed will be only posting sponsored jobs after January, so that had to be checked and corrected. All good now.

Other Updates

  • List downloads were missing some key phone or cell phone data, and opt-out dates.  We've added this information so it's in the download now.
  • Need to delete a team or recruiter bio picture? Apparently we never thought that would be needed. You could upload a new picture, but never delete one that existed. No worries, we added that capability in to myHaley for you.

Release 4.3.9 (9/13/2018)

Some big changes this time around for signing in and applying using the Haley Marketing Group job board - and much more!

Magic Logins are here!

So many passwords - so little time! There's a new feature on the Job Board and HaleyMail interfaces which makes signing in as easy as 1, 2, 3! Rather than using a password to login, your candidates can request a login link - this "magic" link is sent via email and will allow one-click sign in! Old-school passwords are still supported, though (jelly bracelets and bell bottoms not required)!

Job Board Updates

  • The Haley Marketing Group built-in application has been improved - no more setting up a password, and the standard form is short and sweet - basic contact info, resume, and permission to email/text is requested. Don't like the new look? You can choose between a few options for desktop and mobile - instead of the new "standard", you can choose either "classic" which includes address, as well as asks "How did you hear...?" or "long" which requests work history and education. Update this in myHaley - Job Boards > Settings > Applications - or contact the Success Team for more information.
  • Easier sign up form! - Signing up on the job board is easier than ever - basic contact info is collected, the candidate is magically signed in, and the welcome message requests that the candidate update their profile (and provides a link).
  • Application thank you page updates - Since the information requested on the standard application mentioned above has been simplified, we added some dynamic questions to the thank you page to get a little more - add a zip code, select job categories for job alerts. Also, if you use other HMG products like Talent Showcase and HaleyMail, we've added calls to action on the thank you page to encourage newsletter signups and talent entries.
  • Clients who use Haley Marketing applications and pre-qualification forms - We've added another field type - meaning, you can ask an open-ended question on your pre-qual using the "a free form question" option. Beware - this data is not stored in the candidate record in myHaley, nor is passed into Bullhorn or any third party API integrations. it is just provided in the application notification email sent when someone applies.
  • General improvements to the layout and look of the search results page to make the pertinent information stand out and to improve usability for your site visitors! We've added search breadcrumbs to remind people how they got to where they are in an aesthetically pleasing way, refined the information to the most important stuff at a glance, organized apply options when Apply with Indeed, Monster, etc. are enabled.
  • Streamlined job details page - The info is just easier to read, and easier to save searches based on the job!
  • Sick of having to check the box on forms to prove you're human? No more checkbox, but Google reCaptcha is still watching out for you - if site visitors are suspicious (spambots, I am looking at you), the reCaptcha will pop open before the form can be submitted.
  • Issues with uploading resumes using DropBox have been resolved.

myHaley Updates for Job Board Users

Not everything in this release is aimed at candidates - we made some improvements in the myHaley back end - just for you!

  • When managing jobs, you can now filter by recruiter in myHaley.
  • When viewing your category mailings, "View Category Mailings" should populate faster for clients with mucho categories.
  • Cloning jobs issue resolved - we were allowing you to overwrite the existing job - now we actually clone it into a copy.
  • Tried to create sub categories on jobs, and didn't find them when you went to post a job? You'll see them now! Don't see the option to add sub categories and you'd like to? Contact the Success Team to find out how!
  • Want to share a category of jobs to social with a category-related image instead of your job board default sharing image? We've added support for this feature! Go to Manage Categories in myHaley to set this up! If you're not sure how to get a link for a specific category of jobs, contact the Success Team!
  • More social logins coming soon!


  • Protection added to prevent spamming on HaleyMail "Ask the Expert/Contact Us" forms.
  • More accurate email newsletter click reports.


  • We have had ongoing issues with applicant and lists exporting functionality. Improvements have been made to this feature - instead of trying to load everything on the page, you will receive an export via email.

Release 4.3.8 (6/27/2018)

MORE BIG NEWS! myHaley's dashboards have a new look and more information. Ever wonder what kind of return on investment you're getting from your Haley Marketing services? well, we've set out to prove our value because we want to keep your love!

  • All New Website Performance Dashboard. The fastest way to see how your website is performing - site visitors, traffic sources, form submissions for the past week, month, quarter, or year all at a glance.  
  • All New Website SEO Dashboard. Google Analytics is a great way to see if your site is being found, but it can take a Mensa member to figure it out.  So, we've brought the important details to you in our dashboard - visitors, keywords, inbound links and sources. And the best part...no math needed!
  • Job Board Dashboard Overhaul. Now you know that the job board is working for you. View stats like number of visitors, job mailings sent, job views, apps, clicks, conversion rates, and cost per application. View individual job performance in the new Job Performance section! Application Source reports got a cool, new makeover too!

  • HaleyMail Dashboard Updates. Ongoing marketing efforts can be easily taken for granted because they are working for your behind the scenes. We are making them easier to appreciate with lists, views, clicks and opens. Keep watching this space though, because HaleyMail's revamped“pillar” content marketing strategy will be showing up soon and the dashboard will be updated as that rolls out. HaleyMail's not just email, you know?

Job Board Featured Category Mailings Updates:

Last release we told you about our new features in Manage Categories and Featured Mailings - and since last release, we've been busy refining these sections to work better for you!

  • We renamed it - Featured Mailings used to just send jobs that were marked "featured" - but this is no longer the case. You can still send featured jobs mailings, but you can now also send new jobs - so this section is now called "Category Mailings", which makes a ton more sense!
  • We added more stats to the Category Mailings page (Category Mailing ROI- now you can view, at a glance, how many candidates are on your lists, how many mailings have sent this week vs. last (and 30/90/365 day breakdowns), opens, clicks and more.
  • Category Mailing Report has been refined to display only mailings that have been sent.
  • View Category Mailings - This area lists all enabled category mailings, and allows you to send a single mailing NOW - or bulk select and send multiple category mailings NOW. (NOW = within 30 minutes.) You'll see the type of mailing (new jobs vs. featured jobs), as well as when it was last sent, how many candidates are on the list, and how many jobs are set to send the next time it goes out. And click on a category name to edit that category!

If you go to the Category Mailings section and don't see any mailings, have no fear - just enable them in the "Manage Categories" section for each category!

Other Job Board Fixes/Updates:

  • More options for requesting resumes on our mobile application - we added an "Upload" feature for those who can upload from their devices - and gave you the ability to disable the option to upload with Google Drive and Dropbox.
  • We squished a bug with Google Drive not authenticating when a resume is uploaded.
  • Bullhorn clients - if seeing states spelled out AND abbreviated in the state search field was triggering your OCD to kick in, you weren't alone. Spelled out states are now all displayed as their abbreviations moving forward.
  • Again - trying to maintain some consistency here - we had job app sources of job board and job-board - which were essentially the same thing - this is fixed, too!
  • Franchise parents weren't displaying Recruiter Bios images from their children job boards - Bad parents! We straightened them out though, and they're behaving again!
  • Referral Management System - Were you getting spam from your referral form? We showed this product some love and gave it a reCaptcha. Take that, spambots!
  • We found a glitch (Isn't "bug" just so 20th century?) where some integrated job board clients lost their last job upload time - this has been unglitched.

Talent Showcase Updates

  • An observant client noticed that a form field on the Candidate Entry Form in the Terms section was not populating. Thanks for the heads up!

Lists Updates

  • So there's a way to add candidates onto your HaleyMail lists one at at time. For some reason, it stopped working. Malfunction squelched (pulled out the thesaurus for that one).

HaleyMail Updates

  • Big news for Great Ideas clients. We’ve just done a MAJOR redesign on the Client Resource Center as part of an even bigger restructuring of our HaleyMail services. The new redesign is part of a “pillar” content marketing strategy that will become the focus for our HaleyMail clients. Not using Great Ideas, don’t feel left out. We’re testing the new format and marketing concept right now, then we’ll roll out the same upgrades for everyone.

  • For all clients, we’ve improved social sharing of Resource Center content, so it’s easier than ever to share your Staffing Resource Center and Candidate Resource Center content on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. 

Release 4.3.7 (5/22/2018)

Job Board Updates

BIG NEWS: myHaley's Manage Categories and Featured Mailings sections of your job board just got some major love from our engineers! So many more options to make individual categories of jobs more customizable! And it's a ton easier to blast out new jobs to your job candidates!

Manage Categories New Settings Options:

  • Social Sharing Image selection - Remember yesterday, when you could only have one sharing image for all the jobs you recruit for? Well, it's a new day - and now you can use different images for every category of jobs on your job board! Upload your own image, or use one from our convenient new library of images!
  • Pre-qualification Forms - Set a specific form for a whole category of jobs.
  • Applications - For jobs in individual job categories, set the application form to present when users are viewing jobs on a mobile device or on desktop. Require a resume for one category, but not another.
  • Application Routing - Want to send all application notifications to one email address for a whole category of jobs? You can do it!
  • Syndication Options for Specific Categories - Need to exclude a category of jobs from one of our syndicated job feeds? Now it is possible!

Featured Mailings Changes:

  • The idea behind this release was to make Featured Mailings available to all clients, even if you can't mark a job as featured. So instead of just have the option to include jobs marked as featured in these mailings, you can now choose to include ANY NEW JOBS posted in the last week.
  • NEW FEATURE ALERT - Customize email templates by category!
  • ANOTHER NEW FEATURE ALERT - Preview your mailings onscreen before scheduling!
  • THERE'S MORE? YES! - Why are candidates in California getting Featured Jobs Mailings for jobs in Alaska? Emails are now sent based on proximity, as long as a candidate profile includes zip code, making jobs sent more relevant to your candidates!
  • Improved Reporting - See bounces, deliveries, views and clicks on individual category mailings.

Additional Job Board Changes:

  • Added support for eRecruit-integrated job board clients specific to candidates sources and application sources. To enable application sources, please contact our Success team.
  • Resolved bug relating to incorrect sources attributed to applications from Apply with Indeed and Apply with Monster.
  • When contacts opted back into job board emails, the last change permission timestamp wasn't updating in the Contacts section, but it is now.
  • Integrated clients were seeing incorrect country in myHaley job postings due to an issue with abbreviated countries - fixed!
  • Job board welcome email updated to ensure job board default owner is pulled into the email body.

Talent Showcase/HaleyMail Updates:

  • Our job board users can't have all the fun! Social Sharing image settings have been updated for Talent Showcase and HaleyMail users to include the option of using images from our library.

Miscellaneous Updates:

  • The Team Profiles Plugin is a new product from Haley Marketing Group, which allows you to manage team members easily in MyHaley, then use the shortcode builder included with the plugin to display them on your WordPress site. Some of you may have seen some of the subpages of this section, even without the plugin enabled, which caused some confusion between "Users" and "Team Members". This has been resolved. For details about the Team Profiles Plugin, click here!

Release 4.3.6 (3/22/2018)

New Job Board Integrations!

  • Recruitics - Want to know more about how your jobs are performing? Which are your top performers… and which need help? Thanks to our new partnership with Recruitics, we will be able to offer FREE Recruitics Analytics accounts to all our job board clients. Please note that Recruitics will be setting up all the accounts for us over the next couple of months, so please be patient as they get your account ready for you.
  • Upward - Need more job applications? Try Upward.net! UpWard.net allows you to sponsor individual jobs on their website and network of advertising sites. Until recently, they were a wholesaler, only providing candidates to job boards. Now they are working directly with employers, and they may be able to delivery qualified candidates to you at a lower cost per click. With our new Upward integration, you can select the jobs you want to sponsor and set your budget for the job. Upward.net will take care of the rest! (Please note, you will have to setup an account with Upward.net prior to using the sponsored jobs feature in MyHaley).
  • Sign up with Facebook and LinkedIn - Your candidates can now sign into your job board with their Facebook or LinkedIn information, which makes creating a job board account and applying easier than ever!
  • Apply with Monster is here! - Make it even easier for your candidates to apply to jobs by adding Apply With Monster as an option on your job postings.

Please contact Haley Marketing's Success Team to enable all of these great new features! Not using Apply with Indeed yet? Ask us to enable it for you!

Job Board Updates

  • Last release, we added a bunch of fields to your job posting screen. And we're sorry! We didn't intend to confuse you. These fields were added in anticipation of Google Jobs' future plans; data added to these fields is not displayed on your job board. So we moved the Google Jobs fields into their own section. Populating as many of these fields as you can is recommended for better inclusion on Google Jobs in the present, and in the future. We heard from many of you about this - so, we thank you for your feedback! 
  • Even more updates to Google Jobs schema on job postings to comply with existing recommendations from Google - and to get ready for what Google is implementing in the future.
  • Bulk Edit on the Manage Jobs screen has been updated to make it easier to select all jobs without having to scroll all the way to the end of the job list.
  • Don't want the zip code of a job displayed on your job posting on the Haley Marketing job board? You can now disable zip code from displaying on your website. (Data is still included in Google Jobs schema; More complete job information means better visibility on Google Jobs.)
  • And speaking of zip codes, our Canadian clients can now change the label on the application Zip Code field to Postal Code.
  • eEmpACT users can now see application method on job application notifications and when viewing applications in myHaley.
  • Were you having trouble searching for applications from the Applications screen in myHaley? We updated the search to include all columns of data, including name, email, application source, method, category, job number and recruiter.
  • Don't see the pre-qualifications questions and answers on your job board application notifications? Now you will!
  • Resolved issue preventing zip code from passing into eRecruit candidate records when full address was not provided during application process.
  • Support for custom FlashRecruit widget script within the Haley Marketing job board. If you're a current client of FlashRecruit, contact your rep for more info. If you'd like to learn more about how FlashRecruit works with the Haley Marketing job board, contact us!
  • Improvements to the job board feed service to further streamline job board update processes for API-integrated job boards.

Talent Showcase Updates

  • If your "Talent Entry Form" is displayed, talent can now use their Facebook or LinkedIn information to pre-fill information on the form.

HaleyMail Updates

  • Want to share a great piece of content on your HaleyMail Staffing or Candidate Resource Centers? Now you can! Sharing buttons added to Resource Center articles.
  • Your site visitors can now sign into your HaleyMail Resource Centers with their Facebook or LinkedIn information.

Lists Updates

  • myHaley candidate records now include data on the date and IP address of the last change in a candidate's permission to email settings.

Release (2/15-2/16/2018)

  • Resumes did not attach to application notifications nor upload to myHaley when submitted using Apply with Indeed and Apply with ZipRecruiter for a short period of time between 2/14/18 and 2/15/18. Resumes were made available in myHaley on 2/16 on candidate records.
  • Candidates had issues logging in, and staying logged in, to some client job boards. We investigated and resolved this issue, which was related to a cookie conflict between Google Analytics Tracking and the ShareThis feature on the job board.
  • We tracked down and fixed an issue saving Recruiter images for Recruiter Bios on the job board and Talent Showcase.

Release 4.3.5 (2/14/2018)

Job Board Updates

  • Updates to Job Board Posting Form in myHaley and Google structured markup – Google continues to make enhancements and changes regarding the format and amount of data they recommend for Google Jobs schema. In this release, we’ve added some new fields to myHaley job postings as part of our roadmap for enhancing jobs for better inclusion in Google results. While this information is not currently published with the job, it is planned to at some point in a future release.
  • Resolved issue with enTAKE forms and referral sources – We had always passed the appropriate referral sources with enTAKE forms – and then we didn’t. An unrelated bugfix broke this, but it has been fixed.
  • OMG, you have a ton of applications! – Some of our clients were having issues with myHaley timing out when going to Job Boards>Applications to view and export the list of applications. We added pagination and removed the sort function to make this work better.
  • Getting applications for closed jobs? – Job applications can hang around online for a while after being closed, depending on Google indexing and how long it takes third party aggregator sites to remove closed jobs from their search results. After this release, you still may see apps for closed jobs – we’re not changing that – but we’ll make it known to the applicant that although the job they saw may be closed, they can apply anyway.
  • Searching in the Keyword field with a job ID and coming up short? In preparation for our Google search enhancements with the job board search, we’ve created a new field that you may use to search jobs by job ID in both the public, front end and in myHaley. Enable this feature by going to Job Boards>Searching and enabling “Display Search By Job Number”.

HaleyMail Updates

  • Confused by opt-in notifications with an incorrect salutation? Our “Congratulations [insert name here]” wasn’t actually pulling from the default HaleyMail contact. But it is now!

Release (1/2/2018)

Job Board/Talent Showcase Updates

  • Improvements to the process of adding Recruiter Bio images! We're no longer using Gravatar.com to display your Recruiter Bios images - existing images were downloaded from Gravatar, so all previously entered images are now accessible within myHaley. Any new images, just go to myHaley and upload within the user profile. See these articles (Job Board / Talent Showcase) for more information.

Release 4.3.4 (11/28/2017)

Job Board Updates

  • Application report enhanced: Having trouble finding candidate information/applications from your "Skip the Search" quick app, or from your general job board app (when no job is chosen)? The APPLICATIONS tab in myHaley now displays ALL apps using the regular job board application and the quick application.
  • More improvements on the way for getting better visibility on Google Jobs: Our clients who manually post jobs in myHaley will now see address fields on the job posting form. (This information is not required, and will not be publicly displayed on your Haley Marketing job board.) Support for addresses coming soon for some of our integrated clients as well.
  • Improved referral source capture: When a candidate used Apply With Indeed (if enabled) to apply for a job, the referral source was defaulting to Indeed, regardless of where they actually came from. Didn't make a lot of sense, so we fixed it! Note - the original candidate source is kept with the candidate record, and a source is also tracked per application, which appears on the application notification and in myHaley under "Job Boards">"Applications".
  • Bullhorn integration clients requested help tracking submission authors - So we augmented our system to be able to pull and pass the recruiterID with each job, which carries over with the candidate into submissions.

Release 4.3.3 (10/31/2017)

Job Board Updates

  • Who knows the two-digit abbreviation for all the countries where you place talent? Yeah, neither do we. So instead of displaying them, we're spelling them out for you.
  • Candidates having trouble logging in? We spiffed up the help text to make it relevant to the newest version of the job board.
  • When candidates clicked on the unsubscribe link in their job board welcome message, the page they were taken to was triggering some unwanted notifications to the job board default owner. Not anymore!
  • Want to add a recruiter chat option to your job board to fill positions even faster? Contact our new partner, FlashRecruit, and let them know Haley sent you to give it a try.
  • New job aggregator site partner, Zippia! See Zippia's site for information about this career portal: https://www.zippia.com/
  • When hovering over a job title, Apply with Indeed was being weird - so we eradicated it from that screen. And we're working on making the process to apply with a third party work better. (Coming soon, Facebook and LinkedIn buttons, too!)
  • Talent Rover-integrated job board clients - location search not working as expected? When states were coming in the feed spelled out instead of abbreviated, it was causing issues - we're now massaging the data so both versions are supported. 
  • Proximity search wasn't working for our eEmpACT-integrated clients due to lack of a zip code in the job data file. This is now being handled - so refining a location search by proximity works! If you're not displaying Search by Proximity, or using Drop Down Location Search, adjust your settings in myHaley using these instructions, or contact the Haley Marketing support team.
  • Added support for iCIMS API integration of jobs, and redirection of applications to the iCIMS application portal.
  • Avionte's newest offering, Aero, can integrate with the Haley job board using Aero's third party XML feed. For more information, contact the support team.
  • Numerous enhancements to API Healthcare integration.

HaleyMail Updates

  • See something in your resource centers that you'd like to share? Now you can share right from the page using new sharing links.
  • Use the recruiter's title in your newsletters by using !!!USER_REP_EMAIL!!! variable. Ask your marketing advisor for details.
  • Eliminated a bug where candidates were getting a welcome notification when updating an existing profile.
  • Coming soon - sign up with Facebook, LinkedIn and Google!

Release 4.3.2 (10/3/2017)

Job Board Updates

  • Easier application process coming soon: Get ready! We’re making preparations to bring your candidates an easier way to login, sign up for newsletters, and apply for jobs using Facebook, LinkedIn, and more! More information coming in our next release!
  • New Feature Alert! Want candidates to have a direct line of communication with the recruiter assigned to a job? Live chat can be launched right from the job details screen! Contact support for more details!
  • Newest Job Aggregator: Your jobs to Jooble – We’re sending jobs to an aggregator site called Jooble – as always, visibility may depend on the individual aggregator’s posting policies, but you may soon see traffic coming from Jooble!
  • Optional Bullhorn Submission Source: Candidate source is always the original referral source of your candidate – but if you want to see individual application source on submissions, this is now a feature we can enable for you.
  • EEO results in application notification: When using the standard Haley Marketing application, you can enable our EEO questionnaire – for our Bullhorn clients, the data flows into Bullhorn – but for non-integrated clients, we’re now sending an email with anonymous EEO data for each candidate, if enabled.
  • Referral Management System Updates: We updated the referral system notifications to include our standard update preferences, refer a friend, and opt out links.
  • New posting country: Netherlands and its provinces added to the country options when posting a job in myHaley.

HaleyMail Updates

  • Easier newsletter sign up process coming soon: We didn't forget about HaleyMail! Coming soon - clients and candidates can opt in to newsletters using Facebook and LinkedIn! Watch out for our next release to find out how to enable this great, new feature!
  • Opt out of receiving opt-out email notifications! Contact your marketing advisor for more details.
  • Improvements to styling on our newsletter opt-out screens.
  • Various bug fixes and enhancements to notifications to improve client and candidate experience.

Release 4.3.0 (9/8/2017)

Job Board and Talent Showcase Updates

This is part one of a multipart update to bring products from a sub-domain into the main website domain. For example, changing the current URL from  http://jobs.yourtstaffingco.com  to  http://www.yourtstaffingco.com/jobs/.  We will be rolling out this change over the next few months.

The reason for this change is that it has tremendous SEO value, and has been identified by our SEO team as a critical and necessary change to our infrastructure.

This change does modify the link to the job details page to include ‘jb’. Depending on the way you are using your job data from us, particularly RSS feeds, you may have to make updates wherever these links are referenced.

If this creates a large amount of work, please open a support ticket and let us know how you are using your job data from us. We may be able to suggest some alternatives that may be easier for your to use. For example, all our RSS feeds can accept search parameters to limit what they return. We also have javascript widgets that use our API and return JSON formatted results that have much more fielded information than the RSS feed. 

Release 4.2.8 (9/5/2017)

Job Board Updates

  • Google Jobs - As Google continues to evolve its Jobs offering, we continue to make more enhancements to not only get your jobs indexed, but to make sure they are attractively displayed by Google.
  • Bullhorn clients who integrate BH with the Haley Marketing job board - We've got something that may streamline your social media posting process! We worked together with Bullhorn to allow you to share a job directly from Bullhorn, as opposed to using the share buttons on the job board, making it quicker and easier to get your jobs out to your social media sites. Candidates who click on your shared link will come right back to your job board to apply. See details here on getting started: https://haleymarketing.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115004465806-Bullhorn-Integrated-Job-Boards-and-Social-Sharing
  • Trying to add images to Job Description and Additional Info fields? We used to allow them only in the latter, then made a security update that prevented them anywhere. Now you can add images to both.
  • Our job board default thank you message is short and sweet. Too short? For those clients who use the Saved Search feature, we updated the message to encourage your candidates to save a search, so they get updates when jobs match their search criteria. Want to make the message even more custom? Use the existing feature here to override what we added and customize the message to your needs.
  • Some job board with ATS integrations were having problems with location searches. We found that when receiving data with the state value spelled out, our system wasn't reading it correctly - we are now!
  • For clients using the location drop down on their main job board and the job board mini-search widget, the location search was failing to refine in search results. This is fixed.
  • Having problems saving notes to myHaley contact records? Those pesky apostrophes were the culprit. Use as many contractions as you want in the notes section - we fixed it!
  • We hate to see you go - so we're not letting you! Not really, we just had a styling issue on the Unsubscribe page with the lack of a checkbox preventing people from choosing something to opt out of.
  • API Healthcare clients who integrate with the Haley Marketing job board - We've completed some work on our side to use pre-emptive filters to adapt to API calls when 3000+ jobs are in a database.

Talent Showcase Updates 

  • Want to save some time posting to your Haley Marketing Talent Showcase, and have Bullhorn? We have the ability to pull candidate data from candidate records in Bullhorn. As a result, we've made some improvements to myHaley to communicate last talent feed time. For more information about integrating the Talent Showcase with Bullhorn, contact us at support@haleymarketing.com.

HaleyMail Updates 

  • Updated the styles on our newsletter and article display templates to make them more appealing.
  • Resolved an issue where some clients' newsletter welcome messages were coming from no one.
  • Updated CAN-SPAM links in notifications to clients and candidates to make it easier to update their profiles or unsubscribe from newsletters.
  • HaleyMail opt-outs confusing? We did some work in this section, making it easier to see opt-outs for specific newsletters, and revocation of mailing permissions for all mail, including last date modified and newsletter opt-out dates.
  • HaleyMail opt-in widgets weren't auto-selecting the list as expected – we fixed it!

Release 4.2.7 (8/1/2017)

Job Board Updates and Bug Fixes

  • Google Jobs - As Google continues to evolve its Jobs offering, we continue to make enhancements to not only get your jobs indexed, but to make sure they are attractively displayed by Google. 
  • ShareThis buttons on the job board have been upgraded to the newest version. Cool new feature - on mobile, your site visitors can text a job to a friend!
  • Pre-qualification answers went missing? We found them - hiding next to that purple, striped sock you lost months ago when doing laundry! Application notifications now contain the answers from the pre-qual questions, for your viewing pleasure.
  • So you wanted to change the Employment Type label, so you did - and nothing happened. That was us, we're sorry! This is now resolved!
  • Bullhorn clients - Want a job to reflect more than one job category? Now it can! Just login to myHaley and edit Searching Settings to "Enable Sub-categories". Non-integrated clients can also use this feature!
  • Bullhorn clients noticed an issue with jobs delayed in posting? We made some tweaks and jobs should be updating hourly, as expected.

Talent Showcase Updates

  • Enhancements made in myHaley to resolve image caching while adding talent. When you upload an image, the system builds several versions, so the image may not show up immediately on the client-facing interface, but will display for you in myHaley.

Release 4.2.6 (6/28/2017)

Job Board Updates and Bug Fixes

  • We're ready for Google Job Search with our enhanced job board sitemaps, making your jobs even more search friendly and easier to find.
  • When a candidate applied for a job, and that candidate was already in the system from a previous upload, we were not properly matching them up, which resulted in some weirdness with resume mismatching.
  • Resolved a bug with the job board placing a double period before a document extension, which made email systems block some attached resumes. 
  • Resolution for character encoding - accented letters were getting mangled in job postings - förlåt!
  • Solved a reported problem with errant capitalization and random punctuation in job postings' descriptions.
  • Sealed a crack in our job text importer - images will not display in job description; the only field that supports image/media is the "Additional Info" field.
  • Thanks for your feedback - We improved the Bullhorn application process to make it easier for your candidates to change their passwords after registration.
  • Password resets driven from Quick Apply welcome notification weren't working as expected - this has been fixed!

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue affecting myHaley reset password process for clients who manage multiple job board accounts.

Release 4.2.5 (6/5/2017)

Job Board Updates and Bug Fixes

  • Remote Jobs are here! Do you have jobs that can be done from anywhere (e.g., from home, a coffee shop, the laundromat, a soccer game sideline, etc.)? We have added the ability to mark a job posting as "remote" (or whatever you choose to call it), and allow candidates to search for remote jobs on your job board. This feature is supported for our clients who post manually, as well as integrated job board clients who can create custom fields in their job data sources, such as Bullhorn. Contact the support team for details!
  • Added support for capturing true referral source for candidates who apply for a job using "Apply With Indeed".
  • Improved accuracy of Apply button click count for our clients who use a third party application. We used to count the click twice if the third party application was blocked from opening a new window.
  • Different dates on different screens for the same job? For some clients, the post date on job search was different on the job detail page. Now they match!
  • So you disabled job board logins and/or use a third party application - and candidates are still managing to sign up and fill out the wrong app? For those clients, the sign up and application forms will no longer be available to candidates.
  • If your job board is on SSL, we can now send your jobs to ZipRecruiter to consider for job posting visibility. Don't have SSL on your job board? Contact the support team to find out how!
  • After a recent update, country field data stopped passing for Bullhorn clients. This is fixed!

HaleyMail Updates and Bug Fixes

  • Improved interface for candidates trying to opt in to newsletters who were already registered.
  • Stopped getting notifications when people signed up for your newsletter? Resolved!


  • myHaley login issues - Fixed issue logging into myHaley for clients with multiple accounts, as well as issues successfully logging out.

Release 4.2.4 (5/1/2017)

Job Board Updates and Bug Fixes

  • Bug fix: Mobile/tablet users were having issues uploading a resume with Google Drive.
  • Resolved issue when sharing job board pages (other than job posts). Job board meta data is now on all job board pages.
  • Clients' job IDs are now populating XML feed <reference number> node, as opposed to the Haley Marketing Post ID.
  • Long application data for non-integrated job boards is now coming through in the application notifications.

myHaley Updates and Bug Fixes

  • Didn't understand what "Active Account" meant on your contact screen in the Lists section of myHaley? It actually didn't mean anything - so we killed it! (The field was no longer relevant after a previous update of the job board.)

Release 4.2.3 (3/22/2017)

Job Board Updates and Bug Fixes

  • Want to see which recruiter's jobs performed the best in the last 30, 60 or 90 days? Try out our new Job Board report! You can export a list of jobs by recruiter, job title, job ID,date posted and total applications by job. Choose to include Active, Expired, and/or Archived jobs!
  • We've made some changes behind the scenes to make our job feeds fly! You can even use multiple feeds (categories, locations, etc.) on one page without compromising your site load times.
  • Sharing job application links on social media? Now the Haley job board application includes the same meta data as the job, so it looks just as pretty as a shared job posting!
  • Your timezone is now being included in your job board's RSS feed - so if you're feeding jobs to social, the jobs are not being considered yesterday's news!
  • Radius search has been updated, so 10 miles is the base search radius instead of 0.
  • Fixed "Job Board Sort By Application Count" to actually sort by the number of applications a job has - what a concept!

Talent Showcase Updates and Bug Fixes

  • Do you get bored seeing the same Talent entries on your Talent Showcase grid? Shake things up and set talent to load in random order every time the page is visited! Or sort by Oldest First, Newest First, Title, or Location.
  • Too much clutter in your Talent Showcase? Clean things up by optionally hiding categories and locations on grid view.
  • Is your talent camera-shy (or doesn't want their mug on the interwebs)? Want to display your talent in a grid, but don't like generic silhouette man? We've added a talent entry default image library to use when talent wants to go under the radar.
  • Talent entry taking too long to save? We now generate image thumbnails in the background after the form submission is complete - this means that the image you added may not be immediately displayed, but it will display within a minute or so of saving the talent.
  • Notifications when someone submitted your Talent Entry Form seemed a little short on information? Oops! We've updated the admin notification message template to give you everything you need!
  • Talent Showcase Notifications screen - Lots of improvements! Set your custom success messages for Talent Entries from candidates and Talent Inquiries for clients. And set up an autoresponse, too!
  • Candidates or clients complaining that they're getting a CAPTCHA error when trying to submit a form? Chances are, they were not waiting for reCAPTCHA to validate their entry - we are now preventing them from clicking submit until validation is complete.
  • Using the Talent Showcase RSS feed to display talent on a site on SSL? Images are now served in the feed securely as well!

HaleyMail Updates and Bug Fixes

  • When setting up new users, roles are now available or hidden based on your client settings, so you'll only see what you need to.
  • Improvements made to the mobile interface of the newsletter opt-out screen.
  • Exterminated a bug that was causing InstantMail not to show in HaleyMail reports.

Miscellaneous Updates and Bug Fixes

  • Additional countries added to country select on job board.
  • Various bug fixes to prevent previously experienced caching issues.

Release 4.2.2 (2/17/2017)

Job Board Updates and Bug Fixes

  • Do you have a job board integration, and your location search is not refining as expected? Could have been us not handling a zip+4 formatted zip code from your ATS - we do now!
  • Access to job board settings limited for Franchise level users
  • Didn't find any jobs to match your search criteria? There's an improved message and buttons calls to action on the no results page to encourage candidates to keep searching or set up a saved search for future notices.
  • Candidates' "job no longer exists" message is improved to encourage candidates to keep searching or set up a saved search for future notices.
  • Added support for Bond Adapt date/format coming via XML.
  • We stopped attaching resumes to app notifications when candidates "Apply with Indeed" - we didn't mean to - we're doing it again now.
  • We had a short period of time where resumes may not have attached to the candidate record in Bullhorn. 
  • Resumes stopped parsing into the resume field in Bullhorn. This is now working as expected.
  • Did you see a few blank records sent into Bullhorn? We plugged a hole letting some spam through.
  • When saving a search for two categories, some candidates only had the first category saved. Problem solved.
  • Various improvements in myHaley default information to improve client experience.

Talent Showcase

  • Talent categories in search results are now clickable, so clients can see all candidates in that category.
  • Added ability for candidate and recruiter notifications to be enabled/disabled in myHaley.


  • Added new settings area in Haleymail section of myHaley to allow general meta data to be set.

Release 4.2.1 (1/24/2017)

Job Board Updates and Bug Fixes

  • Improved Results for Application by Recruiter Reporting - When viewing your Apps by Recruiter in the Reports section of myHaley, recruiters will now be identified by name and email instead of recruiter ID.
  • Reporting Bug - Views by Platform were not counting mobile views, creating a discrepancy with Applications by Device. Squashed!
  • Phone Number on Quick Apply - In addition to being able to display and require a phone number on your registration form, these criteria now will display the same settings on your Quick Apply form.
  • Apply With Indeed and Incorrect Referral Sources - We found and stomped a bug causing incorrect referral source of "job board"when a candidate found your job on Indeed, came to your job board to apply, and used Apply With Indeed.
  • Location Search - Location database updated as a result of lookups failing for cities associated with abbreviations such as Ft and St.
  • Submitting Resume with Dropbox on SSL hosted Job Boards - Resolved bug for job boards on SSL where unsecure script was attempting to load with Dropbox button.
  • myHaley Manage Jobs Display Issue - You want to use longer job IDs? Now they will display without being cut off on Manage Jobs screen.
  • enTake Applications - Improved pagination on multi-page eEmpACT enTake applications after a plugin change caused some display issues.
  • Bulk Edit Settings - When you edited a bunch of jobs using Bulk Edit, the settings were sticking. This was fixed.
  • Sort By Toggle on myHaley Manage Jobs screen - We are now displaying the correct sort option in the drop down whenever you change the sort by value.
  • Social Sharing Settings Updates - Improved functionality for Twitter settings including Twitter handles and creator meta tag auto-population.
  • Indeed Salary Bug - If your job board is set to display salary, it will now also be sent to Indeed.
  • Bullhorn Opt-outs Processing - The job board now has an option to pass opt-outs to Bullhorn candidate records. The default is set to NOT send, but can be enabled on a client-by-client basis.

Talent Showcase Updates:

  • Optional Candidate/Talent Self-Entry Form - You can now either hide or display the Talent Self-Entry form in Talent Showcase>Settings>Talent Entry.

Release 4.2 (1/17/17)

Job Board Integration Rewrite

  • Our team has been working for several months to enhance the way our Job Board system integrates with Bullhorn’s REST API. While these updates will not impact the front-end experience or what you or your candidates see, they are a complete rewrite of the underlying integration code.

Release 4.1.2 (12/13/16)

Job Board Updates and Bug Fixes

  • Managing jobs in myHaley - Added functionality to retain filtered search after user views a job and clicks "Back to Job List". Fixed issue with category drop down not actually dropping down for some users.
  • Registration/Signup form change - A new field is available to display on the registration form. You can choose to display a phone number field, if needed. You can also require the phone number, too.
  • Bug fix: export list of job board contacts - Did you find some numbers in the list of categories where category names should be? Squashed that bug!
  • eEmpACT general application notifications bug - Eradicated a bug that was preventing application email notifications from sending to clients when a candidate applies, but not for a specific job.
  • Admin application notification update - Added new field to admin app notification to display the method used to apply, i.e. job board, third party app, apply-with-indeed, etc.

Talent Showcase Bug Fixes

  • Option to feature talent missing? Resolved issue where other product settings affected ability to mark talent as featured.

Release 4.1.1 (11/15/16)

Job Board Reporting Enhancements

  • Job Board reports for tracking - Added enhanced reporting to myHaley>Reports section including:
    • Views By Referral
    • Views By Platform
    • Applications By Device
    • Applications By Method
    • Applications By Source
    • Applications By Sales Rep
    • Applications By Post

Job Boards  Updates and Bug Fixes

  • Were you experiencing issues loading the Manage Jobs screen in myHaley? The screen was taking an extended time to load - or crashing - for those clients with a very large number of posts. To improve load time on this screen, we added continuous scroll. The jobs will load as you scroll down the page.
  • Account Info Notification Email Improvement: From a client request - we added First and Last name to FROM app notification emails.
  • Streamlined Save Search links when no results are found: No more extra, unnecessary clicks when saving a search with no results. When a logged in candidate searched for jobs and no results were found, the "Save This Search" link was not refining the search based on the original criteria - so it created extra clicks. When searching for a location or category not attributed to a live job on the board, and a candidate saved the search, the search was not saving - fixed!
  • Typeahead Location Search Bug: Candidates were typing text into the location field, which was being used for keywords searching - and not returning accurate results. Fix was made to force candidates to choose a location, preventing free form text in the field.
  • Job Boards and Third Party Applications: Eliminated bug causing third party applications to load in the same window. Now, when people complete your third party app and close the window, your site will still be open behind it, so the candidate can continue to explore.

For our clients integrated with COATS:

  • Text from default additional information field was not populating on new jobs after the COATS jobs file was loaded. This is now working like a charm!

For our clients who use Apply With Indeed:

  • Improvements to Apply With Indeed Application Process: myHaley now captures info when a candidate used "Apply With Indeed" button. Improvement made with Bullhorn integrated boards as well - apps now pass into Bullhorn - no need to manually enter Apply With Indeed candidates.
  • Apply with Indeed button was missing on the fast details hover screen? It's there now!

Talent Showcase Bug Fix

  • Resolved bug where upload of images to talent profiles was dependent on the case of the image file extension. Now files with upper or lower case file extensions will upload as expected.

HaleyMail Enhancement

  • Get more personal in your newsletter preheader text. Now you can address your newsletter recipient by name, or any other HaleyMail variable data, even in the preheader text area of the message.

Release 4.1 (10/25/16)

Job Board Updates

  • Reinstated Option for Location Drop Down - Not crazy about the new typeahead location search? Doesn’t quite work for your regional staffing company? No worries! You now have the option of using the JB3 style location drop down instead.  Just go to the Job Board Settings -> Searching screen in myHaley and select the drop down option.
  • Mapped email opt-outs to Bullhorn - You asked for it, we did it! For our Bullhorn-integrated job board clients, when a candidate opts out of mailings from the job board, that information is passed back into Bullhorn so your candidate is also opted out there. No more manually updating mailing status based on those opt-out notifications.
  • Captcha Validation Bug - Are your candidates too quick on the draw when submitting their app? Clicking "Submit" prior to the captcha fully validating could have caused candidates to see an error. We squashed that bug!
  • Manage Jobs - New Sort Option - Another request from a valuable client asking for a way to see which jobs performed the best at a glance. In the Manage Jobs section of myHaley, you can now sort jobs by number of applications received.
  • Manage Jobs - New Filter Option - Now you can filter your list of jobs by date on the Manage Jobs screen.
  • Manage Jobs - Sponsor Filter - We cleaned up the filters a bit so you can now filter jobs more accurately on the Manage Jobs screen.

Talent Showcase Updates

  • Added option in myHaley for clients to be able to set meta title/description for the main Talent Showcase page.
  • Tweaked Talent Showcase RSS feed to include images - so you can feed your finest employees' info and faces on your website.

HaleyMail Updates

  • Improved newsletter statistics - company name data, if available, is now included.

Lists Updates

  • We lost the list of categories for each candidate signup in your candidate list exports. It's back!

Miscellaneous Updates

  • Ever wonder, as a non-administrator user, how to update your bio or change your password? There wasn't a way to do that UNTIL NOW! Now you don't need to contact an admin or Haley support! There's a new "My Profile" section for all users to update their info and change their passwords.

Job Board Version 4 Upgrade - 9/28/16

Your Haley Marketing job board has been given a makeover! Our team has made many improvements to the look and feel of the job board to help you deliver a better candidate experience, and to get more candidates to apply to more jobs.

Check out our overview video: 

Here's a summary of the improvements:

For candidates:

  • Searching by Location - We've removed the location drop down and added an intuitive, universal location search function to make finding a location faster and easier! 

  • Multiple Category/Employment Type Search - Candidates can search even more efficiently by filtering their search using multiple categories and employment types - right from the main search screen.

  • Intuitive Calls to Action - More opportunity to encourage candidates to submit resumes, sign up for Job Alerts, and engage more with your company.

  • New "Skip the Search" functionality - Candidates can now "Skip the Search" and send a resume. This optional feature gives candidates the ability to quickly submit their resume, right from the home screen of the job board. Using Haley Marketing's new, shorter submit resume form will send notifications to your default job board owner and candidates will receive a welcome message with a link to complete the full sign-up process.

    If preferred, you can bypass the form and add your own URL to direct people to your ATS or a short form on your website. 

  • No jobs match your search? No problem! If a candidate searches for a job with criteria that don't match any open jobs, they're now encouraged to sign up for alerts or search again.

  • Related Jobs – Not the perfect job? Don’t worry, we now display related jobs based on the current search, or current job’s category and location, giving candidates a better chance of finding a match.

  • New mobile device definitions database enabled to ensure the correct version of the job board and application displays on all current devices.

  • Updated Referral Management System to ensure all features are working as expected.

  • Overall, an improved candidate experience with many ways to search and express their interest easier than ever!

For clients:

  • Want your candidates to see jobs in reverse chronological, alphabetical, or in location order? The new option to set the default sort order is a highly requested enhancement.

  • Better management of categories and the addition of subcategories. Clients who manually post jobs through myHaley will now enter new categories and subcategories in myHaley's new "Manage Categories" section allowing more control and less opportunity for redundancy.

  • Not happy with a category label? Change it! New categories allows category labels to be changed without negatively impacting the candidates or lists associated with those categories.

  • Have something you want to include in every job post, like a marketing video to explain what makes working for your company extra special or a detailed list of unique benefits your company offers? Now you can create standard Additional Information to be added to every new job.

  • Looking for a report showing all applications on your job board? We've got one! Export application data in several formats including filter by 30, 60, 90 days or by quarter.

  • Concerned with application fall-off? See how many candidates viewed each job compared to how many applied (or clicked apply for integrated job boards not using Haley Marketing's application).

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes

  • Crushed bug that caused Talent Showcase skills section to limit input and truncate candidate talent records.

  • Improved tracking redirects to be faster when a candidate or client clicks on a link in an email.

  • Extinguished bug causing problems with the WordPress login page.

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