5.1 Talent Showcase - The Interface


Site visitors will get to your Talent Showcase by using the navigation on your website, typing in your Talent Showcase address directly, or following a direct link from your website, a search engine or a social media site to a talent post on your Talent Showcase.

Your Talent Showcase has been set up to seamlessly integrate with your website using a template to brand the site. The branded template may have been provided by you, or built by us, but either way - seamless!

Using settings in myHaley, you can determine what the "front" page of your Talent Showcase will be. This will affect what a visitor will see upon arriving.

At the Search Form screen, visitors can use either Keywords or Location fields to narrow their search. They can also use the Advanced options which can vary based on your Talent Showcase settings.

Alternatively, for your front page, you may choose in your myHaley settings to display a list or grid view of all talent or just featured talent.

List view:

Grid view:

The Talent Showcase Menu

Browse Talent - Allows clients to view all talent in list or grid view. This menu item cannot be hidden.

Find Talent/New Search - This menu item text changes depending on what section of the showcase a visitor is on, allowing visitors to go to the Search Form. Allowing visitors to search for talent is an optional feature and can be hidden by going to myHaley and adjusting Searching Settings to toggle the Enable Search checkbox.

For Candidates - This link will take candidates to a form to submit their information to be considered for inclusion on the Talent Showcase.

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