2016 Haley Marketing Release Notes (updated 8/11/16)


v3.9.5 Release – 8/11/2016

Job Board Updates:

  • Improved posting process - when posting jobs, you can now add the zip code first - and the city, state and country fields will auto-fill (US and Canada).
  • Fixed bug where Google Analytics code was missing from mobile job board, improving reporting for mobile traffic.
  • Trying to track hits to your job board's thank you page in Google Analytics? Now you can! Job board thank you pages now redirect to trackable thank you page. To get your URL just add /jb/thank-you/JOBNUMBER to the end of your job board URL. Example: http://jobs.haleymarketing.com/jb/thank-you/1424674.  For aggregate reporting across all jobs, or if no job number is provided (say through a thank you page from an external ATS), just leave off the job number: Example: http://jobs.haleymarketing.com/jb/thank-you/
  • To reduce job board spam, we added captcha functionality to job board registration/signup and applications for visitors not logged into a job board account.
  • Squashed display bug where third party-integrated clients were seeing wrong recruiter assigned to jobs on the edit job screen. If third party ATS does not send recruiter info for a job, no recruiter is assigned, and application notifications continue to route to default job board owner.
  • Resolved duplicate mobile application issue that occurred when mobile visitors clicked "Back to Results" after applying and were incorrectly directed back to the last page of their applications instead of their search results, where they were able to submit again.
  • To help job board visitors with cookie-related login issues, added help text to login help.


  • Added option for "Any List" to newsletter widget code generator to allow for clients and candidates to opt in for multiple lists in the same session.
  • Improvements to manage subscriptions functionality.
  • Problems viewing a contact's mailing history from Manage Lists screen? Not anymore! Bug squashed.


v3.9.0 Bug Fix Release – 7/8/2016

Job Board Bug Fixes

  • Squashed bug with incorrect applicant record dates after last release.
  • Resolved bug with unclear application reporting labels.


v3.9.0 Release – 6/28/2016

Job Board Updates:

  • Resolved issue where country field on application was not populating in Bullhorn candidate record.
  • Added Job Posting web schema to job posts to enhance SEO as well as to leverage search widgets that are accessible across many federal websites for finding job listings from veteran-committed employers.
  • Improved application button reporting - apply clicks are now displayed in job applications section on each posting and counted in total applications on dashboard for improved conversion tracking with third party software/ATS.
  • Added referral source to job board application notification emails.
  • Fixed bug with default Advanced view on job board.
  • Added help link to social sharing page in myHaley - get help with adding images and metadata when you share to your social sites!
  • Squashed bug so attached resumes with no suffix are downloadable by clients.
  • Resolved issue with sending incorrect email (when overriding the recruiter email) to Indeed for use with Indeed's mobile apply solution.

HaleyMail/Lists Updates:

  • Fixed bug with Moxie Manager buttons not displaying when adding images to emails.
  • Added ability to search using custom user field from myHaley manage contacts page.
  • Added functionality to check uploaded email addresses for leading spaces and fix to improve deliverability.


  • myHaley display improvements.


v3.8.6 Bug Fix Release – 6/7/16

Job Board Bug Fixes:

  • Adjusted level of permission requested from apiPicker when using Google Drive to upload resume.
  • Fixed bug preventing franchise filter options from displaying on master job board.

HaleyMail Bug Fixes:

  • Resolved issue causing users to inadvertently opt in to job board theme list by default when opting in for newsletters.


v3.8.6 Release – 5/26/16

Job Board Updates:

  • On standard job board application, added Google Drive as an option for candidates to upload a resume, improving job application experience.
  • Added option in myHaley for clients to be able to set meta title/description for the main job board page.
  • The job board's “Advanced Search” can be expanded by default with a new setting in MyHaley.
  • Clients now have the ability to add a referral ID to XML feeds for improved tracking.
  • Addressed job board display bug - "See more +" filter was not expanding to show additional values.
  • Resolved bug caused by third party XML feed failures which caused job board to appear empty.
  • Resolved bug where selecting "Require resume upload" in myHaley failed to hide text resume field on the application screen.
  • Squashed bug related to job board's custom filters and third party integrations.
  • Resolved bug where "Additional Info" field failed to copy when a job was duplicated in myHaley.
  • Addressed bug related to "How did you hear..?". When "Other" option is selected, a field displays giving instructions to "please describe". When that field was left blank, referral source in Bullhorn was mistakenly being sent as "please describe". It will now send "Other" as a source when "Other" is chosen, but detail field is not filled out.

HaleyMail Updates:

  • Updated template for eBook display on mobile.


v3.8.5 Release – 4/26/16

Job Board Updates:

  • Improved formatting of pasted cover letters in application notification emails to allow for paragraph breaks for better readability.
  • Added default values for social sharing meta data on all new job boards and existing job boards without it.
  • Added ability for user to add default text or HTML content to Additional Info field so it appears on each new job posted.
  • Added ability to set default expiration date on all new jobs posted.
  • When recruiter logs in to post jobs, their user will be default recruiter on new jobs.
  • "Other" referral source has been made optional, so it can be removed from "How did you hear about us?" question on application.
  • Added default referral source value of “job board” when "How did you hear about us?" question is not displayed.
  • Resolved mobile application bug related to hiding sign up and password fields.
  • Resolved issue with country field display when enabled.

HaleyMail Updates:

  • Fixed minor bug causing preheader text and description to be transposed in myHaley.


v3.8 Release – 3/14/16

Job Board Updates:

  • Added an option to send job board applications to the default job board owner, in addition to the recruiter.
  • Added a feature to filter jobs in myHaley to display only jobs that that were posted/created by the current, logged-in user.
  • Added support for partial keyword searches when filtering jobs in myHaley.
  • Added support for header and footer JavaScript includes in Remote Job Board Templates, specifically for management of remarketing campaigns.
  • Extended the RSS feed format with an official namespace document and expanded the fields available as well.
  • Added support for manually posting jobs with 3rd party integrations that include application URLs within the job feed (specifically Avionte).  Manually posted jobs will now follow our normal standard application process.
  • Fixed minor bug causing display issues in the pre-qualification form set on the job record in myHaley.
  • Added support for special characters in all emails sent from our systems. Accents on applications and names were causing errors in emails and notifications.

Job Board with Bullhorn REST API Integration Updates:

  • Fixed bug that caused source not to update on the candidate record in Bullhorn on signup.
  • Reduced API request timeouts to 9 seconds for both first and second attempts in an effort to improve candidate experience.

HaleyMail Updates:

  • Fixed minor bug causing preheader text in HaleyMail emails to be removed when edited in myHaley.
  • An alert message is now displayed on the Upload Contacts page in myHaley when previous uploads are pending.
  • Added the ability to add contacts to a list from another list as part of the Mass Update options under Lists in myHaley.
  • Updated all HaleyMail forms with simple "I am not a robot" captchas to reduce form spam submissions.


v3.7.6 Release – 1/29/16

Job Board Updates:

  • Added Twitter Site Handle field to Job Board Settings for social sharing Twitter Card meta data.
  • Updated Job Board remote template parser to handle head tags containing extra spaces. These malformed tags were creating issues with the OG and Twitter card meta data being added for social sharing of jobs.
  • Changed the display order of "Sort by Expiration Date" in Manage Jobs in MyHaley to display expiring jobs first.
  • Fixed minor bug with manually posted jobs with new industry or locations not updating immediately on the job search page.
  • Fixed issue with saved searches not displaying location or industry.

HaleyMail Updates:

  • Added new field for preheader text in emails. A preheader is the short summary text that follows the subject line when an email is viewed in the inbox. Many mobile, desktop and web email clients display them as a way to give the user more information before the email is even opened.
  • Fixed minor bug causing display issues in the article synopsis of Resource Center articles when HTML was used.
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