How Can I Add SEO Optimization to My WordPress Pages?


SEO Optimization can be added to your WordPress pages:

1. Log into your WordPress dashboard and go to "All Pages".

2. Find the page you want to add SEO to and click on "Edit" under the page name ("Edit" appears when hovering over the page name).

3. Scroll down, below the body copy text, to a section titled "Yoast SEO."

4. Fill out the SEO Title and "Meta Description" with your "SEO information."** "Focus Keyword" does not help your SEO ranking, instead it shows you if your page and SEO consistently use a certain keyword.

5. Update the Permalink to include a URL that has been optimized for additional SEO by clicking on "Edit" next to the Permalink URL, below the page title.  Once complete, click "OK."

6. Once you're all set, click on the "Update" button on the right side of the page.


*If the Yoast SEO window is not visible, you will need to enable it through the screen options at the top of your Edit Page's view.  Scroll to the top of the Edit Page view and click on "Screen Options" and then on "Yoast SEO."

**If you are unsure of what SEO information to use, Haley Marketing provides SEO services, including Keyword Research.  Contact the Haley Marketing support team for pricing.

***If you edit the permalink, you'll need to edit the link throughout your site (buttons, absolute links, menus) to match the new page URL.  If you need help, or want a redirect, reach out to the Haley Marketing support team.

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