How Do I Change Who Receives Form Submissions?


Who Receives Form Submission from My Website?

To find out who receives the form submissions from your website, such as "Contact Us", "Refer a Friend", or "Request an Employee", you will need to log into your WordPress dashboard.

Next, navigate to "Forms" and hover your mouse over the form you're interested in.  When you do this, several options will appear: "Edit", "Settings", "Entries", Preview", "Duplicate" and "Trash".

Hover over settings and click on "Notifications".


Next, hover over "Admin Notification" and click on "Edit".


The "Send to Email" is where your form submissions will be sent to.


You can also select "Configure Routing" to provide a drop-down list selection available to anyone filling out the form.  This drop-down menu will route emails based on the answer to the routing question.  This can be set up to route by industry, location or a different category.

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