How Can I Add New Team Members To "Our Team" Page?


1. You will need an image of your new candidates. This will need to be 460x260 pixels and the image will have two headshots next to each other. Each will be 230 pixels by 260 pixels.

2. Collect the bio information, along with title, email & LInkedIn URL before continuing.

3. Go to your WordPress dashboard and click on "Team Profiles" on the left navigation bar.

4. Click "Add New".

5. Once there, you will need to fill in the information that you collected in #2.

6. Fill in Interests and/or Department information, on the ride side, if applicable for your team bios.

7. When you click on Add "Featured Image", you will need to upload the image that you created in #1.

8. You're all set! Click "Publish" (or "Update" if you've already published it and want to update/edit a bio).

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