2015 Haley Marketing Release Notes (updated 11/16/15)


v3.7.5 Release – 11/16/15

Job Board Updates:

  • When you view the candidate list for a specific job, you may now send an email to a candidate directly from this screen by clicking on the candidate's email address.  Clicking on the candidate name will still take you to the Edit Candidate screen.
  • Added the ability to search for expired jobs, sort jobs by expiration date, and are now displaying the expiration date on the Manage Jobs screen.
  • In myHaley, when filtering jobs, you may now filter on zip code using the keyword field.
  • The State label is now customizable. Default is State/Province.
  • Added option to request Country on the standard job  board applications (long and short).
  • Option to "Use desktop for iPad” is now defaulted to checked on new job boards. Existing job boards are not impacted by this change.
  • TempWorks integration update to pass cleartext OrderIds to the HRCenter module.

HaleyMail Updates:

  • No longer allow HaleyMail mailings to be accidentally scheduled in the past.

v3.6.5 Release – 9/8/15

Job Board Updates:

  • Update to Twitter Card support for jobs that no longer are published on the job board to use the default SEO description.
  • Fixed bug in job board reports which was including signups with attached resumes in job application counts.
  • Fixed issue with sharing using ShareThis from within the job record in myHaley that used myHaley branding instead of client branding.
  • No longer require Indeed feeds to be enabled to create an XML feed of jobs.

v3.6.0 Release – 8/14/15

Reports Updates:

  • Added ability to display User Fields on click through reports in myHaley.  This includes showing one or more custom fields on the on-screen report as well as providing all the fields with each record on download.
  • Fixed issue with time of day displaying wrong time zone on reports.

Job Board Updates:

  • No longer send cleartext passwords from the job board.  Instead candidate may request a change password which will send an email to the address on record including a link to change the password.
  • Added Twitter Card support to make sharing on social media much more visually appealing and effective.
  • Changed filters on job board search results page to show the first five options and a "List All" option to make filtering more intuitive.
  • Added Custom Referral Source List field to allow customization of the candidate source response options on the application form.
  • Option to require resumes as Word docs on standard application.
  • Password fields on application are hidden when signup buttons are hidden. Note that an account is still created and a password is generated.
  • Changed order of fields on mobile application to ask for email first; also no longer require resume upload.
  • Added India to job board locations list.
  • Updated the job board widget to change labels when search by state is selected instead of locations.
  • Added option to enter a subject for the application notification email sent to candidates.
  • Added field to add a Google Analytics UA code to the job board template.

Job Board with Bond eEmpACT Integration Updates:

  • Added support for collecting dates in Education 2 and 3 sections of Entake form.

HaleyMail Updates:

  • Updated mobile layout for HaleyMail sites and Resource Centers.
  • Added Share This button to Resource Centers to facilitate social sharing.
  • Updated the design of the Newsletter Archive page to include a thumbnail of the newsletter, a banner image on the page, and a more prominent call to action.
  • Added Twitter Card support to make sharing on social media much more visually appealing and effective.
  • To handle newsletters uploaded and scheduled prior to the current month, HaleyMail will now display the current month newsletter and any newsletter previously scheduled but not sent.
  • Set standard font face to "arial, verdana, calibri" in text only emails.
  • Added custom CSS option to allow custom styles when the branding template is remotely hosted.
  • Eliminated need for DKIM record without compromising deliverability.  DKIM will automatically be generated without need for DNS changes.
  • Fixed issue with preview displaying blank page the second time the button was pressed.

Lists Updates:

  • Added the ability for an myHaley Administrator to opt a user back in who has been opted out by the system (<99). This means that the only type of opt out that cannot be reverted is a specific request from an actual user not to be mailed.


v3.5.0 Release – 6/9/15

Job Board Updates:

  • Mobile interface updates making the job board much easier to use on mobile devices
  • Application updates, allowing the candidate the option to:
    - Upload resume stored in Dropbox
    - Quick apply with the resume already uploaded into the account
    - Apply later by emailing a reminder and link to the job 
  • Added Social Sharing links to job alert mailings
  • Implemented Recruitics integration on mobile 
  • Fixed Employment Type label display issues
  • Fixed Saved Searches using Keyword that were returning no jobs

HaleyMail Updates:

  • Fixed mail "From" display issue on InstantMail scheduling screens
  • Fixed myHaley "Forgot my Password" issue


v3.4.0 Release – 6/1/15

Job Board Updates:

  • Candidate Account Management improvements to allow the candidate to not only update contact information, password and email permissions but also to upload and store a new resume and review his application history.
  • Added option to search, filter and display country
  • Added candidate phone number to the application history on the job details in myHaley
  • Miscellaneous job board interface clean up, including:
    - Adding a comma between city and state in the location filter.
    - Allowing the Employment Type field label to be renamed. (Note that this field is required and is sent to aggregators with the expectation that it contains employment type data.)
  • Miscellaneous report enhancements, including:
    - Number of applications to each job
    - Number of applications from each lead source (across all jobs)
    - Social sharing counts 

Job Board with Bullhorn REST Integration Updates:

  • Updated Bullhorn REST integration to support candidates who are already on a HaleyMail mailing list and then decide to sign up for the job board so that one account is managed in both Bullhorn and myHaley.
  • Added support for mapping custom job board fields from Bullhorn REST.

Job Board with Bond eEmpACT Integration Updates:

  • Added candidate notification after the Entake application has been submitted. This requires the Social Media Recruiting Package with Send Candidate Notifications to be enabled and Application Confirmation Text to be entered in myHaley on the Job Board Settings Notifications.

HaleyMail Updates:

  • Complete redesign of the Staffing Resource and Candidate Resource Centers
  • Added support for merge fields in the Newsletter Archive

v3.3.1 Release – 5/14/15

Job Board:

  • Updated dashboard Registration graph and Source reports to fix data discrepancy.

v3.3.0 Release – 4/30/15

Security Updates:

  • AJAX/JSON calls audited for security
  • Internal authentication updates
  • Expiring sessions after browser window is closed
  • Addition of second mailing IP for transactional email

Job Board Updates:

  • Clean up of email templates used for notifications from job board.

  • Event tracking added to our apply results and to the EEO form. We will capture the following data in Google Analytics:

    Category: 'Applications'
    Action: 'Applied'
    Label: 'Job Number'

  • Normalized dates as follows:

    CREATE_DATE: Date we first record a job. This is the key for job agents, eliminating timing issues from feed supplied dates.
    DATE: Date on which the ad is to start to be displayed, also the date displayed.
    EXPIRATION_DATE: Date after which a job should no longer be displayed.

    NOTE: "Use Post Date as provided in feed" option has been deprecated in favor of "Use Today as the Post Date."


  • InstantMail send from display changes to make the selection more intuitive.
  • Other minor bug fixes


v3.2.0 Release – 3/25/15

HaleyMail Updates:

  • Refer a Friend updates to automatically send an invitation to the referral to sign up for the newsletter.
  • Ask the Expert form updates to improve deliverability.
  • Several minor bug fixes including newsletter scheduling display, and managing the Send from in InstantMails, etc.
  • Moved sending email from HMG servers to the Rackspace Mailgun service.

Lists Updates:

  • Added ability to search contacts by opt-in, opt-out and create date.
  • Contacts that have opted-out of receiving emails can now be downloaded using the Show "only contacts opted out" option.
  • Added a Job Board History tab on each Contact to display the jobs applied for, including date, source and resume. (Note that we do not track Apply with Linked in, Apply with Indeed, or 3rd party application form submissions since these do not use our standard applications.)
  • Minor bug fixes to manage dynamic list downloads, etc.

Job Board Updates:

  • Addition of sharing and preview options in the job edit screen.
  • New job board performance panel in the job edit screen shows all applications to a job including name, email, date and time applied, and source.
  • Ability to discreetly feature jobs in particular channels, including Indeed, Simply Hired, CareerJet, etc. Note that account procurement must be managed with the channel directly.
  • Added support for denoting sponsored jobs on SimplyHired, Indeed, and CareerJet from feeds from these third parties: Bullhorn, Bond Adapt, cBiz Software, JobDiva, Maxhire, PCRecruiter, Sendouts, Skillmatch, Talent Rover, TKO, and the HMG Standard (Specifications for the XML feed is available here: http://www.haleymarketing.com/api/job-boards-api/job-boards-xml-import/)
  • Added option for including "How did you first hear about this opportunity?" to standard application. This question can also be required if desired.
  • The Featured Mailing template has been updated to be responsive and to include links to apply online.
  • Featured mailings "send now" are now sent hourly, instead of once every four hours.
  • The Recruiter Bio box on the job details page has been updated to include social connection links (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, email and phone.) This information is managed on the User record Display fields under the Admin option.
  • Job search results now support infinite scrolling, making page loads faster when large amounts of jobs are returned.
  • Ability to add custom text above the search form above the search results.
  • Added options for changing the SEO and Sharing templates, available under Branding on the settings option.
  • Several small bug fixes including Referral Management defaults, missing variables lists, updated help text, advanced search toggle in IE9, etc.

Report Updates:

  • Updated the Newsletter and InstantMail reports so that the Titles link to the preview of the content sent.


v3.1.5 Release – 3/4/15

Job Board Updates:

  • myHaley Job Board administration screens now support marking ads as sponsored from SimplyHired, Indeed and Careerjet. We also pass these into the respective feeds. Filtering and Bulk Editing of these work as well.

  • Added options to select exactly which feeds jobs are included in. By default, all are enabled on job boards with the Social Media recruiting Package enabled.

  • Note that import scripts have not yet been adjusted to take multiple sponsorship values from any ATS source. This will be available in the next release.

  • Changes to the styling of the navigation header in the job board screens to remove the box outline.


v3.1.0 Release – 2/24/15

Report Updates:

  • Standard reports have been updated to improved look and feel, including the addition of relevant charts and graphs.
  • Addition of several new reports including Newsletter Performance, Top Performing Jobs, and List Growth reports.

Job Board Updates:

  • Added option for EEO data collection with reporting to standard and Bullhorn integrated job boards.
  • Updated job board ShareThis to use standard client logo when sharing jobs on social media.
  • Fixed display issue with job boards not using the Social Media Recruiting Package.
  • Fixed issue with spacing in featured mailings generated from the job board.

HaleyMail Updates:

  • Created Featured category for use in updated Staffing Resource Center / Candidate Resource Center to be release in 2Q15.


v3.0.0 Release – 1/5/15

  • myHaley has been completely redesigned and redeveloped to increase speed and performance and make it even easier to use.
  • The system works in any current browser.
  • Numerous features and functions for HaleyMail and the Job Board.


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