Why can't I see my post titles when looking at the blog post list page in WordPress?


As a result of some recent updates to WordPress, the layout of your posts list may have changed - which may make it difficult for you to see your post titles.

To fix this, please follow the instructions listed below:

In the upper right hand corner, there is a button that says "Screen Options" - When you click it, it expands and you will see several checkboxes - UNCHECK Custom Sidebars.  That should allow the post title column to expand enough to be usable.

With the same update came another issue - if you don't like that your visual and/or text editor have "no scroll bar", that can be changed. As of the update, the box is set to expand to fit all the text without needing to use a scroll bar. To change this, while viewing a post, click on "Screen Options" again - under Screen Layout, uncheck the box that says Expand the editor to match the window height. That will fix it for you. If the box then gets small, you can click and drag the lower right hand corner to make it longer.

If this did not answer your question, please feel free to submit a support ticket to the team at Haley Marketing - we're happy to help!

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