Publishing and unpublishing jobs in Bullhorn REST API


For our clients with a Bullhorn-integrated job board, we publish all jobs that meet the following criteria:

Published (isPublic = 1)
Open (isOpen = true)
Not Deleted (isDeleted = false)

When jobs are not displaying on the Haley Marketing job board, it can be because we are seeing unexpected data in any of these fields for a job. Make sure that you are using these fields properly and inputting the correct data in Bullhorn's job order.

Please make sure all of the jobs that are missing from the job board are marked as with the Publishing Status of "Published – Approved" as well as Open/Closed = Open.

The image below shows the Publishing Status (isPublic) field:


If a job is set to "Published – Submitted" it will not be published to the job board. Haley Marketing only pulls jobs that are marked as "Published – Approved". 

The image below shows the Open/Closed (isOpen) field:




If you are unable to view these fields on your Bullhorn job order edit screen, then you will need to reach out to Bullhorn's support and ask for assistance in displaying these fields on all job order edit screens so you can update the order settings to be able to publish jobs on your Haley Marketing job board.

Once you've set the correct values on these fields, your job orders should appear on the Haley Marketing job board the next time the jobs are updated (this happens hourly, 24/7).

Removing jobs from the job board:

To remove a job from publishing, it must be either set to Not Published or Open/Closed = Closed. Once set, the job will be removed within the next hour (we update the job boards hourly).

Other information:

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