Haley Marketing Job Board with Bullhorn REST API Integration


We are pleased to offer Haley Marketing Group Job Board integration with the Bullhorn REST API.  This means that the most current version of the Haley Marketing Group job board integrates with Bullhorn.  The job board includes: mobile optimization, search engine optimization for every job, stronger integration with social media, and dozens of other features.  You can read about our job board features here: http://www.haleymarketing.com/services/web-development/job-boards/

The Haley Marketing Group job board integration with Bullhorn uses Bullhorn’s REST API to pass data between the job board and Bullhorn. Jobs are pulled from Bullhorn every hour and are posted to the job board. Candidates can search for jobs and then apply. Candidate information is passed back into Bullhorn via the REST API.

The attached document explains the process and setup:

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