Adding videos to web pages and blog posts


Do you have a video you'd like to post on your website or blog?

Videos on the approved list here ( are able to be embedded by just putting the URL to the video, not hyperlinked, on its own line within your post or page.

If you have a video from a source not on the approved list, Haley Marketing will need to make these changes for you. If you can provide specific direction including the page URL, accompanying text, and the embed link (or whatever else we may need), it is a 15 minute charge billable at our current rates.

HMG takes the security of our clients' sites very seriously. We do not provide FTP access to our servers, or Super Admin privileges in WordPress, etc. Should you require that level of control over your website, then you may want to consider hosting elsewhere. Please understand that HMG does provide updates to WordPress and plugins, backups and other site management with our hosting service, so please be sure you are prepared to have these services managed if you decide to move hosting.

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