How do I add a new location to my website using the WordPress plug-in Store Locator Plus?

To upload a picture:
  1. Go to Media>Add New
  2. Select the image using the "Select Files" button or drag and drop into the gray box.
  3. Once uploaded, click on "Edit" and copy the File URL from the upper right-hand corner.
    (You can either drop this URL into a text doc or keep on the clipboard for the next step.)

To add a location:
  1. Go to Store Locator Plus> Add Locations
  2. Fill out the pertinent info for the new location (paste the File URL you copied into the Image URL field on the right). Please note: Standard info you are using is Name, Street, City, State, Zip, Hours, Phone, and Image URL.
  3. Click "Update".

To edit a location:
  1. Go to Store Locator Plus>Manage Locations 
  2. Click the blue edit icon (brush) 
  3. Make your edits
  4. If you are changing out the image, make sure to upload the image first via the first set of instructions and copy it so you can replace what is in the Image URL field.
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