I am getting spam from the forms on my website. What do I do?

The short answer to why you're getting spam...there are people who set up scripts to look for forms online so they can get a link they want people to click on published. This is usually most effective when they find a comments forum where their email/link is displayed publicly.

In terms of your form, because their automatic scripts don't differentiate between a web form like yours and a comment form, you are now getting their spam emails. It causes no real harm, it's just an inconvenience, but if it is bothering you, or if it becomes unmanageable, there are several options we can implement:

  1. Adding a reCAPTCHA on the form may help. It essentially requires the person submitting the form to "prove they are human" by retyping a not easily readable picture of letters/numbers. It can block these form spammers.
  2. Adding a hidden field to the form that only a spambot would fill and only submitting when that field is empty.  (This is our preferred method since it does not inconvenience the legitimate submission of the form or rely on a human to prove he or she is human.)
Of course, no solution is completely foolproof, but if you would like to implement one of these on your form, please submit a request, noting the URL of the form, form title and the method you would like to implement.  This work will be billable at our current hourly rates.
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