Why am I not receiving entake applications in eEmpACT?


If your Haley Marketing Group job board is integrated with eEmpACT and you are not receiving applications, there are several steps to take to diagnose and resolve the problem:

  1. Login to Entake email account.  If you cannot login, has your password changed?  If your password has changed, you must update your Internet Mail Connector (IMC) settings.
  2. If your Entake email account contains a large number of entake applications, your IMC is probably not running.  The IMC pulls the emails into the eApprovals process.
  3. Check your Administrator's desktop and verify that the Adminstrator is logged in and the IMC is started. If your IMC is running, you may want to stop it and start it again. Once restarted, the emails sitting in your Entake email account will filter into eApprovals.
  4. If the problem is still happening, check to see if you are you receiving any error messages from eApprovals. Has something recently changed on your eEmpACT server or configuration?

If, after you have performed these steps you are still not receiving Entake applications in eEmpACT, please submit a request through helpme.haleymarketing.com.  Be sure to note each step and the results of the troubleshooting you have already performed.

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