Understanding Google Analytics: Part 1



4 Easy Steps to Understanding Google Analytics (Part 1)

 1.) Go to analytics.google.com and sign in using your Gmail account. This is the Gmail account you used to sign up for analytics with. After signing in, you’ll be taken to the homepage.

 2.) Click on “Audience” and then “Overview” to see how many people have visited your page within a certain date range. You can adjust the date range in the top right-hand corner. Through the overview tab you can:

  • View the number of sessions, which is the period someone is actively engaged with your website.
  • View the users, which is someone who initiated at least one session during the date range.
  • View the page views, pages viewed per session and the average session duration.
  • View the bounce rate, which the percentage of users who leave your page without viewing other content.
  • View the percentage of new sessions.

 3.) To see where most of your website traffic came from click on “Acquisition,” “All Traffic,” then “Channels.” This will tell you how many people came to your website directly, how many came from Google and how many people came from social media.

 4.) You can also see what pages your users are visiting the most. To do this, click on “Behavior,” “Site Content,” then “All Pages.” Here you can see which of the pages on your website were visited the most, along with the number of page view each page received.


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