Creating a custom field to filter jobs from eRecruit onto your Haley Marketing Job Board


Adding a custom field to use as a filter for jobs from eRecruit

If you have multiple Haley Marketing job boards for multiple divisions, but all the jobs are in the same entity, it may be necessary to create a custom field for Haley to be able to identify which jobs go to which job boards.

To mark a job in eRecruit to post to one or more of your separate, divisional job boards, you’ll need to set up a custom field in eRecruit.



  1. Go to the Tools menu and click on Control Panel.
  2. Click Control Panel Modules.
  3. Click Custom Fields.
  4. The top form is where you will enter new custom fields. Once added, the fields can be edited in the list. (It should be set up as a CheckboxList to allow for multiple values so you can post one job to more than one job board.)

Once you have set up the custom field, we’ll need you provide the list of values, and to populate the field on one job per job board, so we can test the filtering.

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