Using Emojis in HaleyMail Subject Lines


When used properly and occasionally, adding emojis and symbols in subject lines can increase open rates in email marketing.  Want to give it a try?  Here's how:

  1. Pick an emoji from your favorite source.  For example: 
    Just click the emoji and it's automatically copied to your clipboard.

  2. Open this page in your browser:

  3. Paste your emojis and type in the rest of your subject into the "Email Subject" field.

  4. Press the "Encode it!" button.

  5. Copy and paste the "Encoded String" into the subject field of your InstantMail in myHaley.

Please note - Emojis will not display correctly on the newsletter archive page - so if you use emojis in the subject, you'll want to ask your marketing adviser to populate the optional Archive Subject without the emojis.

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