How do I mark a job in TempWorks to post on my Haley Marketing job board? Why do some of my job titles and descriptions say "NULL" or "Unknown" or "Default"?


To mark a job in TempWorks to be included on your Haley job board, go to the Web Options tab and make sure "Do not post to web" is not selected. Any jobs in TW with that box unchecked will be included in the XML feed that Haley uses to post your jobs.

If you have the Haley job board and a TempWorks integration, and some of your jobs are displaying on your job board with "Unknown" or "Default" in the title, or "NULL" in the description, you should make sure all jobs have a Public Title and Public Description in TempWorks.

Here's an article from TempWorks that includes some of this information. If you have questions about this article, please reach out to your TempWorks support team.

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